The Bauer Supreme S190 hockey stick comes with squared corners straight sidewalls which give you a nice traditional feel in the hands.

Bauer Supreme S190 Stick


It features two-piece construction utilizing a prospect 12K carbon fiber and an upgraded R3 resin system. These both are going to be lighter, stronger, more durable, and a little bit more responsive than the S180 stick. You will see a type of grip on the underside of the stick that gives you a little bit more feel.

Kick Point

Bauer went ahead and upgraded its kick point with what they call their extended transfer zone to hit on the MPK real quick we have a stiffened lower as well as the soft handle. This allows you to load up even more energy into the shaft. Therefore, it provides you a harder recoil and harder shot power.

This year, it is going to be 11% more efficient on the quick release shot so it is a little bit more dynamic and more versatile so essentially it is expanding the sweet spot down through the center.

Blade Profile

Into the blades, this is where we see their pure shot blade profile. This is extra material in the connection point between the blade and the shaft that prevents your blade from opening up on big shots when you are using that MPK and extended transfer zone giving you pinpoint accuracy.

Blade Core

Seeing a big upgrade with the blade core, since this used to be one of the top-of-the-line premier only blade core, it is going to have integrated sense layer into the outer layer carbon fiber and this wraps the edges on the backhand and everything so it gives you an extra layer of protection.


They also go ahead and dampens the puck feel working with the Aero foam on the inside to give you a real nice dampen feel great for catching, passes, and stick handling out there on the ice rink

But one of the key reasons why they made it really dampen is when you are taking those big shots, it maximizes puck contact time as it’s rolling from heel to toe allowing you to load up more energy and giving you a harder shot.

Stick Weight

For the weight in the senior version, it is right around 450 grams but it has a really nice lighter balanced feel to the hands.

Overall Value: The Bauer Supreme S190 Stick

They did our favorite paint job on this Bauer Supreme S190 stick as compared to all other supreme sticks because it is a little less flashy, you have got the power logo on the back and the black and that’s been too poppy. It is a little more traditional but we really like the feel and the technologies that they are including in this stick despite being the low price point.

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