The Bauer Supreme S180 hockey stick has traditional supreme shaft dimensions that mean squared corners straight sidewalls give that secure feel in the hands.

Bauer Supreme S180 Stick


It features a two-piece design utilizing the upgraded full 3k carbon. This is still used in the NHL. It gives you a little bit more responsiveness definitely lighter overall weight and a bit more durable than S170 stick.

Kick Point

Working with an R2 resin system, we are going to have the signature kick point and this offers one of the hardest shot releases on the market to date. The way that they accomplished this was by going through and stiffening the lower third and then they soften the upper handle so really forcing the kick point to be high.

This allows you to load a lot of energy much more than the other supreme hockey sticks. So when you return it or when it is recoiling on those shots, it gives you a lot of power so really ideal for those power shooters who like and lean into and load up on their shots.

Blade Profile

In blue blazes where we see their pure shot blade profile and this is exclusive to Bauer extra material that connects the shaft to the blade. So when you are taking big shots with that big high kick point, it prevents your blade from opening up giving you pinpoint accuracy.

Foam Core

In Bauer supreme S180 stick, they use their arrow foam one blade package. This is a nice upgrade from the previous version of supreme S170. It is the high-density foam with some of the best-dampening properties as compared to Vapor and Nexus lines.

This is the most dampened puck feels so great for those players who are taking those big shots because it keeps the puck in contact with the blade during those shots allowing you to store more energy and it also helps with catching passes as well as stickhandling.

Quality Carbon Fibers

In this Bauer stick model, they use the Bauer max 3K carbon fiber. This is 10 percent stronger than what you find in the basketweave carbon fiber that you find in the lower price points definitely is stronger. More importantly, it is going to give you a really nice responsive feel as well.

Overall Value

This stick weighs right around 460 grams in the senior version that offers a nice balanced feel to the hands. They did a really great job with this stick and we recommend it to every hockey player regardless of the level of play.

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