In this article, we are going to review the new Bauer Supreme MX3 hockey stick. It features a lot of the same features that the NXG hockey stick has, but they made one really big improvement to it.

Bauer Supreme MX3 Stick Review

It has an amplified mid-kick flex profile, which helps the stuck load up for shots. This makes the Bauer Supreme MX3 stick a strong, responsive stick. It also offers an excellent balance.

Thanks to its unique one-piece construction, you can use it for wrist shots and powerful slapshots.

Its blade is made of two sections. The top part of the blade is rigid, while the bottom is flexible.

The Slingtech technology allows the puck to bounce back to the top section for maximum impact. When the puck is released, the upper section of the stick will spring back.

During this process, the upper and lower sections will stay in place. The Slingtech technology will also reduce the amount of twisting and deflection.

Its eLASTech Resin System is 56% tougher than conventional resin. The stick’s lightweight TeXtreme (c) carbon fiber helps minimize deflection and maximize energy transfer on powerful shots.

Its dual-layered, high-grade TeXtreme(c) carbon-fiber construction reduces the weight and improves balance.

It is available in two colors black and white. Its color is bright orange. You can find it in your local hockey store.

The top version of the MX3 Stick has an Intelli-Sense Flex Profile to increase your game.


Regardless of where you play the game, this stick will serve you well. If you want the best performance from your hockey sticks, you should buy the Bauer Supreme MX3 stick. It will make the difference between a great stick and an average one. The Bauer Supreme MX3 hockey stick is ideal for players who want maximum power and consistency.

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