In this review, we are gonna take a look at the new Bauer Supreme ADV hockey stick. So we still have the signature supreme shaft dimensions like the other Supreme line which are squared corners straight sidewalls allowing you to have excellent control when you’re making those big shots.

Bauer Supreme ADV Stick Review

Bauer Supreme ADV Stick Review


This ice stick is one of the biggest improvements from the 2S Pro hockey stick and a huge reason why Bauer was able to reduce the weight down to 370 grams with their ACL technology. Also, we see this in the Vapor ADV that’s an advanced carbon layering process utilizing their tech stream 18k carbon fiber.

Bauer is able to use thinner layers of the 18k carbon fiber. When they do this, it allows them to use fewer layers that get the same level of strength but significantly reducing weight without compromising the overall durability so a big upgrade there.


The other significant and very visual upgrade is in the new seven-sided sonic boom taper. This has seven different shapes in the design and allows Bauer to keep the kick point high up on the stick. That’s why you still get that huge powerful booming shot but it requires a lot less material specifically with the carbon fiber to do that.

Flex Profile

Speaking on flex profile, it’s still a mid-kick point but they went ahead and softened up or handle to make this a little bit more versatile than a pure power stick that Supreme has always been known for. So every ounce of energy you’re putting into the stick, you’re going to get out of it no matter if it is a lower kick style shot or if it is a big slap shot.


In the blade, this is what they call their fast core technology so much different than what we find in the 2S Pro ice hockey stick that has unique bladder-filled pressurized gel. On the inside. It utilizes an aero foam core all the way throughout except for through the sweet spot where it uses a new material so this is going to be a little bit softer than the aero foam.

The aero foam is what we see in the Vapor line so the combination of these two materials really helps to reduce a lot of the weight but still gives you a really nice soft feel in the blade where you need utmost in that sweet spot.

Bringing this all together is their bridge technology that’s inspired by their Easton acquisition these carbon-fiber bridges run between the two different types of materials in there really helping to create a solid seal of the blade. Therefore, when you’re making those big shots, you will have that rigidity that you need to prevent it from twisting on big shots and also just overall durability and feel.


As said this Supreme ADV hockey stick is 370 grams which is a huge reduction in weight from what we find in the 2’S pro stick. This is the lightest mid-kick stick on the market so if you’re looking for something that is mind-blowingly lightweight but you still need that aggressive just pure hard shot velocity, this is a great look for you.

Comparing this to the vapor ADV looks-wise, it definitely has a lot more pop really highlighting that sonic taper this year. Overall still pretty dark especially as you get in the upper handle and still you know keeping that ADV looks alive and well.

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