The Bauer Supreme 2S Team hockey stick has signature Supreme shaft dimensions, which are pretty boxy, with squared corners and straight sidewalls, but still have a nice comfortable feel in the hands.

Bauer Supreme 2S Team Stick Review

Bauer Supreme 2S Team Hockey Stick


This is a fused two-piece construction utilizing a full unidirectional carbon fiber weave as well as an R2 resin system. Now the uni-directional obviously has a great look to it and, more importantly, offers a great balance between responsiveness as well as durability.

Kick Point

This hockey stick has a kick point that they call their high mid kick, utilizing MPK Technology, geared for those power shooters who take a lot of time or really like to load up and lean into their shots.

The MPK essentially stiffened the lower third of the stick, then softened the upper handle. This really helps to force that balance point up.

So when you’re making those big shots, you’re getting maximum energy return, but they have worked really hard to improve the overall versatility so you can still get a nice quick shot release when you need it.


Into the blade, here is a big part of how they’re able to remove 10 grams compared to the predecessor with their Max Balance Technology. It’s essentially a takedown of the ACL technology that we find in the top-line Bauer sticks.

It’s a much more optimized layering process using thinner layers, which allows them to use more layers and then just different patterns, so this really helps to reinforce the edges or move a significant amount of weight out of the blade, which gives you a better balance point and a lighter-feeling stick while maintaining that high level of durability.

Blade Core

Internally, we have the Aero Foam 1 Blade Core and two different types of materials that help to offer some of the best dampening feel out of all three families of Bauer sticks. Ideal for those power shooters because it helps to keep the puck in contact with the blade during big slap shots, so they load more energy.

Also, it has BiMax 3K Carbon Twill, which is a nice high-grade material, and Twill just helps to layer it a little bit better so you get that awesome durability.


For the weight, as we said, they removed 10 grams from the previous S180 hockey stick so this 2S Team weighs 450 grams in the senior version. It’s a 60-inch and offers a really nice, balanced feel.


We have to say that graphics have some really nice pop to this Bauer 2S Team ice hockey stick, and then that uni-directional carbon fiber gives it that real quality look. While it doesn’t have that checkered pattern that you used to see in carbon fiber, it looks like one big solid weave.

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