We are gonna do a quick review of the new Bauer Supreme 2S hockey stick. Just in a case, you’re wondering, this is the 2nd price point just below the top-line 2S Pro hockey stick. It has signature Supreme shaft dimensions which are squared corners straight sidewalls for that traditional boxy yet comfortable feel in the hands.

Bauer Supreme 2S Stick Review

Bauer Supreme 2S Stick Review


Nice upgrade in the construction process with what they call their high-performance molding compared to a traditional fuse two-piece this is much more consistent. As far as wall thickness and excess materials go, this place much more similar to a True one-piece. And Bauer said in their testing it is really hard for players to distinguish this high-performance molding from the True one-piece monocoque construction. Also, upgrade with the resin as well as the 3k carbon twill compared to the 2S Team hockey stick and this is not only stronger, it’s also much more effective at transferring energy so best of both worlds.

Kick Point

Into the kick point, this is definitely geared to those power shooters who like to take a little extra time to load up their shots whether it’s a wrist shot or a big clapper. They utilize a high mid-kick utilizing MPK technology. MPK essentially means that they stiffen the lower third and soften the low upper handle. This allows a hockey player to really bow out the stick but that stiff lower third really helps to force that kick point up.


Now into the blade, a great technology with their max balance that’s a take down from what we usually see in the ACL technology that we only find in top-line Bauer sticks. This is essentially an optimized layering process they’re able to use thinner layers of carbon fiber which help players to remove weight from the blade. So it gives better balanced feel in the hands also helps to reinforce the edges so when you’re digging in the corners, it’s not gonna chip as easily.

Aero Foam

Internally, they use a unique aero foam one blade core two different type of materials on the inside but both make up a really soft dampen feel definitely the most dampen out of the Bauer lines that’s what Supreme is all about give an optimal puck feel. Also, it helps to load a little bit more energy into the shaft because it keeps the puck in contact as its rolling from the heel to the toe during those big slap shots or one-timers.

Carbon Fiber

The 12k carbon fiber also lighter and stronger than the 3k that Bauer incorporate in the blade in the 2S team ice stick again pushing that balance point up. Lastly they added a little texture at the bottom to help tip tape to stick a little bit better and weirdly helps to remove it a little bit easier as well.

Flex Point

We have a new flex offering this year in the senior version. Seniors gonna come now in a 70 flex as well this is going to be your typical 60 inches in this weighs 430 grams. Now for the 77, 87, and 102 all been bumped up 4 inches so those are gonna come in at 64 inches weighing 450 grams. The thing to note with those three (77/87/102) is Bauer measures their flex ratings at 60 inches. Therefore, if you’ve always used a 60 inch 87 flex, just go ahead and order the 64 inches cut the 4 inches off, it’s gonna be like nothing ever happened.


Another cool thing they did in the Bauer Supreme 2S stick add a new curve. This is the p92 max blade height you’ll see the same exact curve as the p92m but they added basically maxed out that legal height of the blade so great for those centerman gives you that just a little extra advantage. Hockey’s game of inches so also great for taking in corners as well as tip and pucks in front of the net.

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