In this post, we are gonna do a brief review of the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro hockey stick. It has traditional shaft dimensions with a little bit more squared corners and straight sidewalls.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Stick

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Stick Review

Big Upgrades

We have two key upgrades from what we see in the 1S hockey stick line.

The first one being their ACL or their advanced carbon layering system. This is brought over from the Vapor 1x lite family that’s a more strategic or a more advanced laying process of the carbon fiber.

It gets the layers thinner and more compacted to remove weight without sacrificing any of that durability. It does weigh 5 grams lighter than the Bauer 1S stick. It’s 415 grams in the P90 287 flex stick.

Other big upgrades of the Duraflex resin system that we see in the shaft. Now for the first time in a long time, they’re getting away from the last tech resin that we’ve come to see in a lot of their sticks dating back to the APX.

Duraflex is about 20% stronger for flexural strength that’s great at managing impact stresses but this does a better job of managing the flexing of the stick as you’re shooting and making those passes.

It’s essentially more effective at transferring energy but the other big thing is that helps to promote better pop life in the long run so two big key upgrades giving you a more effective more efficient release and keeping that pop life on the part.


A lot of the carryover technologies the one that probably made you know a big splash was the renew core blade now has a pressurized gel on the inside down through the center.

All blades tend to break down no one is going to be void of that so what happens is that actually fills the voids and helps to promote just better durability over the long run.

That’s why all blades break down this helps to prevent that rate of breakdown compared to the MX3 stick which doesn’t have the new core.

The 1S and the 2’S Pro both have a much more damp puck feel. The idea behind this power stick is to have an ice dam and fill. So as you’re taking big shots when the puck is rolling from heel to toe very quickly, it really helps to maintain contacts so you get maximum loading in the shaft.

Shaft/Flex Profile

Speaking on loading the shaft as well as just the overall flex profile, you will still have their MBK maximum power kick with the extended transfer zone. It’s a real beefed-up taper which does help to push the balance point up a bit.

But the extended transfer zone worse with the MBK to still give you a more efficient release for quicker shots.


The 1S and the MX3 were both great power sticks but for players that still needed to get that quick shot release, it was lagging a little bit there. So it really helps to bridge the gap between the two.

This is a true power stick ideal for those players who like to lean in to load up on those shafts for maximum power. Also, it has Bauer’s unique grip texture on the bottom that gives you a little bit better feel.

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