In this post, we’re going to be checking out the power Bauer Supreme 1S hockey stick. We have traditional shaft dimensions squared corners straight sidewalls that give you secure holding in the hands.

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review


Now we’re going to see their mono Comp text stream carbon as well as the elastic resin system in the only time in this line in the 1S hockey stick. The texturing is spread to a carbon fiber that is 20% lighter and manages impacts 20% better than 12K carbon.

The elastic resin is a premier resin system that has microtubes in it that help to prevent the spreading of the microfractures so giving you better durability also helps to extend pop life.

Lastly, we are going to have their mono comp through one-piece construction. It gives you a much more consistent final product that’s more responsive and a better-balanced feel in the hands.

Kick Point

Into the kick point still going to see the MPK kick point. This is a stiffened lower third with a soft and upper handle that allows you to load more energy into it. It’s the most powerful kick point from Bauer and then went ahead and made it a little bit more versatile.

Down through the center zone, they made this area 11 percent more efficient and effective so really geared towards making a more versatile stick in the sense of getting a quicker shot release off without sacrificing that shot power.

So it’s not just a power stick, it’s really more of an all-around stick but still great for those power shooters who really looking to lean into and load up on it.

we’re going to have the tactile grip that has always been on supreme sticks just on the underbelly on the underside here give me a little bit better feel in the hands


We’re gonna have the pure shot blade profile which is extra material that reinforces the shaft and the blade connection point gives you better accuracy on big shots. Because it helps prevent the blade from opening up when you are taking those big clappers or one-timers. Also, it gives you a little more durability in a high slash zone.

Power Sense 2

Into the blade, some really exciting technology we are still going to see their Power Sense 2 Foam which is a nice high-quality foam all the way throughout that’s superbly dampened for stick handling and puck feel.

But down through the center, we’re going to see a pressurized liquid state gel called renew core. This is an in-house design from Bauer and what it does to your blade does start to break down because all blades do eventually break down on the inside once micro-fractures do start to occur.

The gel will end up filling those and giving you better support in all those areas so increasing durability. The other thing that it does is actually transfers energy better than the foam core package so you’re going to get a little more pop on it as well.


The Bauer Supreme 1S hockey stick weighs 420 grams real nice balanced feel in the hands super lightweight that’s what you’d expect from an elite-level stick like this.


Now more importantly as far as the looks and feel go, like we said great feel to it but for Supreme users that have been in the 1S before, it is going to have a slightly more dampened feel because of that renew core blade.

Overall Value

This is still coming at the same price when it first came out and that other generation you’re getting a real big upgrade with the blade even though it might sound a little bit gimmicky. It’s proved that it is more durable going to give it a little bit better energy transfer.

Then you’re getting a more versatile kick point as well that the previous 1S was a great power stick but it kind of lacked a little bit in another quick release area because not always going to be able to take a big slap shot. Therefore, it’s good that Bauer improved on that to really make it a little bit more overall stick not just a one-dimensional stick.

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