In this guide, we are going to review the limited edition Bauer Sling hockey stick that’s 375 grams with a very variable and versatile mid-kick point so designed for those elite-level players who are looking for the most advanced technology that you will find in a Bauer hockey stick today.

Bauer Sling Hockey Stick

Bauer Sling Griptac Stick Review


Starting off with the material, this is really the cream of the crop from Bauer hockey the “Asymmetrical TeXtreme Carbon Fiber” which is the highest quality material that they use in their stick construction super lightweight and very durable.

The asymmetrical design makes it more efficient at transferring energy so you get a little bit more power through each stride.

This new Bauer Sling stick also features a unique DuraFlex Resin System that really holds everything together and makes sure that you maintain that new stick pot for longer since as you’re taking these shots you’re stressing these carbon fibers and this does a good job of preventing that fatigue.


It has a Monocomp One-piece Construction which is their top in the design too. It’s very consistent from top to bottom so once again very efficient at transferring energy through the shaft and into the puck hopefully into the back of the net.

Also, it’s going to make for a much more consistent product for better durability and longevity.

Boasting their optimized carbon layup which really works with the ACL Technology and the TeXtreme Carbon Fiber to identify key stress zones to help reinforce those to ensure that a junior or senior hockey player has a much more durable product, especially preventing those hacks and slashes from doing some serious damage.


Talking about the shaft dimensions, these are very unique except for the top which is pretty traditional with rounded corners and straight sidewalls.

As you get into the middle and lower third of the shaft, this is where we see their ER Spine Technology initially it makes it very comfortable to hold in the hands but most importantly it provides you with better weight reduction as well as durability.

This unique geometry on the backhand allows them to use fewer materials to achieve the same level of strength as well as stiffness that they need for the kick point and that’s where you get that weight reduction and also just a nice upgrade and feel.


As we get into the blade which is why we are all here today is the Sling Tech 2.0 improving upon that typical sling tech that we usually see in that Nexus ADV Sticks.

Comparatively, it’s a smaller slot, we have a reinforced upper and there are new vertical carbon fiber bridges instead of horizontal bridges.

Ultimately, we have 15% more durability and a 20% faster-shot release. These all key aspects make the Bauer Sling Griptac stick work together making it easier to load, and giving you a better sweet spot down in the bottom portion.

The reinforcement makes sure that you’re getting that stability as you’re taking that shot you’re loading up the bottom portion as it releases it maintains that structure so you’re getting that pinpoint accuracy.

So all in all taking one of the most radical hockey stick blades that we’ve ever seen and improving upon it in terms of durability and overall performance.


With that Sling tech 2.0, the graphics are pretty dark giving it a tacky look but is still good to watch. Overall we have to say that the Nexus ADV styling is a little bit better but you know this isn’t an ADV. This is the new Bauer sling so it’s making a name for itself.


As we mentioned before it weighs 375 grams so it does feel a little bit more blade heavy than most of the super-light hockey sticks and that’s because there’s just so much going on in the blade these days.

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