The Bauer Nexus N9000 hockey stick has traditional shaft dimensions with rounded corners straight sidewalls which provide a player nice boxy feel in the hands.

Bauer Nexus N9000 Stick


This is a 2-piece design which most NHL hockey players prefer over 3 piece hockey sticks in order to have more responsiveness while hitting the slap shots.

Kick Point

The Nexus N9000 features a traditional mid-kick point but new for this year is going to be its sweet spot technology that is marked down through the center of the shaft. This is literally the spot where you want to place your lower hand when you are taking your shots.

Fiber Technology

Bauer went ahead and re-engineered and strategically engineered the fibers to allow you to not only load the stick easier but it is also going to release quicker and harder so really giving you the best of both worlds with that nice quick release and hard shot power.


Now getting into the blade, this is where we see their pure shot blade profile. It is going to be extra material that reinforces the connection point between the blade and the shaft and this does a handful of good things increasing the durability in the high slash zone. It also helps to keep your blade face square to the target when you are taking big shots.

Stick Core System

As far as the play core itself goes, Bauer came out with an aero-foam three single-density blade core that provides you a ton of great puck feel. This is not too much dampen not too mu lively so right in the middle of the sweet spot, It gives you some good pop when you just need to get a quick snapshot off but again giving that good puck feel so you know where that puck sitting at all time.

12K Carbon

Its 12K carbon fiber running into the blade again offers really nice liveliness responsiveness and it also helps to balance out the overall weight of the stick because it is removing some of the weight down from the bottom pushing the balance point up.


The Bauer Nexus N9000 stick has a nice texture to it so this is going to help the tape stick a little bit better and enhance the feel a little bit as well. This is probably one of our favorite colorways out of this Nexus line a nice and subtle just a little bit of accenting blue.

Overall Value

This is a perfect piece of the product by Bauer in every aspect. It weighs around 430 grams in the senior version so really lightweight and has a great balanced feel to it. So if you are looking for more of a traditional feeling stick, it is the right option for you.

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