The Bauer Nexus N7000 hockey stick has the hybrid style shaft dimensions so it is supreme in style by kind of the squared off feel of the corners and then the concave side walls something that you find on the Weber line which gives you a really nice feel in the hands.

Bauer Nexus N7000 Stick


As far as the construction is concerned, Bauer is still using the R1 resin system and a two-piece construction process but you are getting a big upgrade with a unidirectional carbon fiber that they used only in the blade on the Bauer N6000 stick.

Now, this uni-directional fiber the way that interlocks with one another gives it some excellent impact strength but especially with the reduction of fiberglass again compared to N6000, you will have a lot more responsiveness and a big weight reduction as well.

Kick Point

Into the kick point of Bauer Nexus N7000 stick, this is where we see their traditional mid kick that is driven through their sweet spot technology offers you a really nice quick release when your hand is up a little bit and then when you are really trying to put some power into your shot may be for a one-time or a clapper and you slide it down a little bit and hence it allows you some really nice power.


The new carbon fiber layup offers that well-rounded feel into the blaze where we see the pure shot blade profile. So connecting the shaft to the blade, you will have extra material through the center to provide you better durability from slashes, and then it does help prevent the blade from opening up on big shots. Therefore, it gives you that pinpoint accuracy, and then something is going to last a long time too.

Dual Density Foams

The Bauer Nexus N7000 stick features the dual-density blade core so these are real high-quality foams giving you a nice balance of not only puck feel but the durability and impact strength as well.

3K Carbon Fiber

Its 3k carbon fiber does an excellent job of protecting the inside and preventing it from cracking around the edges. It has 27% more tensile strength than the previous carbon fiber so basically, that means it is 27% Chartres once the fibers are under load so taking your shots, taking hacks, and whatnot, is going to give you a big jump in strength and durability.

Overall Value

As far as the looks go, we definitely like a little more pop and a little more flair than they added into this generation especially compared to the previous model that was almost blacked out. More importantly, it weighs just 475 grams at an ear-opening price point. The Bauer did an incredible job of reducing weight without taking out key technologies like your sweet spot, your dual density blade core so definitely one of the most value-packed sticks at this price.

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