The Bauer Nexus N6000 hockey stick features new hybrid shaft dimensions with squared-off corners like supreme but you will get double concave sidewalls like Vapor sticks.

Bauer Nexus N6000 stick


This is a two-piece design utilizing a really heavy-duty blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass with their R1 resin system. Now, these all combine to give you an extremely high level of durability for a long time with nice pop and responsiveness.

Kick Point

The Bauer used their sweet spot technology for the first time in the Nexus N6000 stick. It really allows you to put your hand within the sweet spot zone and still get that awesome quick release.

Improved Carbon Fiber

They have been doing a lot of R&D with carbon fiber layering so with this new optimized setup, it is going to be easier to load and you get more power off with each shot too so just a really well-rounded make.


Looking into the blade, we see their pro blade profile so extra material between the blade and the shaft provides some more durability but also prevents the blade from opening up on big shots.

Aero Foam

They use a nice aero foam one-blade core in this stick. It is a nice polymer that is lightweight to provide you that nice balanced feel in the hands but it is also going to give you a good puck feel.

Basco Carbon Coating

Bauer also makes use of Basco carbon fiber down through the blade. This unidirectional carbon fiber the way interlocks with one another give you some really great strength and impact properties. This also offers you that nice responsiveness for quick snapshots.

Overall Value

Being hockey players, we will definitely like a little more Flair and more pop that Bauer added to the Nexus line this year. Its white logo really jumps out at you but ties in well with the balloon that is just the dark.

As as far as actually feel matters in the hands, we got to say it is really well balanced for an opening price point stick and weighs right around 540 grams in the senior version so obviously a great choice for all level hockey players.

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