Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Stick Review – The Bauer Nexus 1N hockey stick has squared corners with slightly concave sidewalls and this gives you a nice traditional feel in the hands.

Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Stick

As far as the construction goes, this is where we see all of Bauer’s premium technologies and materials as they have used their true one-piece construction process. This gives you an extremely consistent product from top to bottom. It is also going to give it a really nice balance point as well.

Then they use their texturing carbon fiber which is again very lightweight but it’s also very strong lastly, they are using their long-lasting tech resin system that helps extend the pop life of the stick. It also helps to prevent small cracks and fractures from spreading so it’s going to add a little more longevity to the life of the stick.

The big update besides the blade is going to be their sweet spot technology. Now, this is a specifically engineered kick point down through the center that allows you to load more energy into it quicker than before. So you will notice a little harder shot but it comes off and releases a little bit quicker to really making it a great overall kick point for players out looking for that quick release with hard power.

Now into the blade, this is where you will see their pure shot blade profile that is to achieve extra reinforcement between the blade and the shaft. This prevents the blade from opening up on big shots. You will notice some great pinpoint accuracy and precision but it also does add a little durability into the lower portion where slashes occur often.

They also feature a power sense layer that is directly integrated into the outer layer of the blade. This gives a sensational puck feel but it also adds a lot of durabilities because it wraps the edges of the blade. It really helps prevent small chips and cracks from happening when you are out digging in the corners or taking faceoffs internally.

There are three layers of foams in the heel so you are going to have that power since two cores throughout the rest of the blade. Now, these combined to give you a really lightweight blade so it really helps to give you a nice balance point but it also has a great puck feel and pop. Therefore, when you need to get the puck off in a hurry, really helps to explode off of the blade.

Overall Value

As far as the looks go, we definitely liked a little more flashy updated look compared to that previous Nexus 8000 but more importantly as far as the feel goes, just like all of our top-line sticks, it has an incredible balance and lightweight feel weighing around 420 grams so it feels awesome in the hands. So overall, this is a great top-line stick for any players looking for that quick release and hard power.

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