The Bauer Nexus 1000 grip hockey stick has double concave sidewalls with squared edges so it gives you somewhat of that traditional feel but it also allows your hands to sit within the groove for a good grip on the stick.

Bauer Nexus 1000 Stick


For the construction, they do Bauer’s mono comp technology and this is a single mold process so it is a true one-piece stick.


They use ultra-light but very strong carbon texturing on this stick. It is about 20% lighter than the conventional carbon that is used on the lower end sticks and the material runs all the way through the stick consistently with no overlapping layers.

Flex Point

The Bauer Nexus 1000 stick features Nexus 2 mid flex that is located up in the handle area. It is really softer. Running into the middle of the stick, they really focus on the kick point to be stiffer and what that does is when you load this stick, it gives you quick effortless release but with more power.


Into the blade, they upgraded two different things on this blade that kind of culminated from the TotalOne and the APX stick. They did the power foam 3 core and Aerofoam heel so the air foam heel offers a very stable and balanced feel while the power core 3 gives you that power and puck feel.

Resin System

This is the elastic system that they basically use in the APX line. It helps prevent the spread of micro-fractures through the blade keeping the pop life a lot longer and keeping the blade feeling newer for a long time.

Overall Value

For the look and feel of this stick, Bauer did a really good job blacking it out and keeping it really simple, and also the dark lower portion is a lot easier on the eyes when looking down on the surface.

With the puck and the feel of it, they also did an excellent job. It is super lightweight and about 4 grams lighter than the APX really well balanced. If you are a mid-kick guy, this stick is a great pick for you.

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