Take advantage of all the performance advantages of carbon fiber while maintaining the durability necessary for usage on any surface with this Bauer H5000 ice stick! The stick is a one-piece composite stick with an Air Bond blade made of ABS and carbon fiber.

Bauer H5000 Hockey Stick Review

Bauer H5000 Hockey Stick

The Bauer H5000 Hockey Stick is designed for players who want the performance advantages of carbon fiber with the durability of ABS. It is made of high-density polyethylene.

Players will benefit from Bauer’s Air Bond blade, which is made up of a blend of ABS and carbon fiber and provides a great puck feel as well as the ability to play on any surface, even bumpy asphalt.

Because the kick point is located in the middle of the field, players may optimize their energy transfer for any shot at any moment.

Key Features

  • It has a fused, two-piece construction
  • For the flex profile, historically, the mid-kick spot has been used for strong shots.
  • The corners are rounded with straight sides.
  • The grip is finished in a silky gloss
  • Its blade is made of ABS and carbon fiber composite made for Air Bonding
  • It enhances puck feel and overall responsiveness
  • The ABS strengthening enables the stick to perform effectively on harsh outdoor surfaces while maintaining indoor playability.
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