We will recommend you consider the following four things when you are going to purchase your next pair of pants for getting the proper fit. Check out the best hockey pants review.

4 things to consider when buying hockey pants

1. Hockey Pants Measurement

First, we are going to start with the measurement of the waist to make sure that the pant is fitting the player’s waist properly. Remember this is the waist, not the hips. These are not a pair of jeans. Have a look at hockey pants sizing guidelines.

2. Length of Hockey Pants

Next, we will suggest looking at the length of the pant in order to make sure that the pant comes down to belt the center of the kneecap so that when the player is engaged in their skating stride, the pant can rise a little bit and not obstruct the player skating stride.

3. Kidney Protection

It is often overlooked that it is kidney protection. So just make sure that the kidney collar of the pants is protecting those vital organs around your upper body. If the pants do not support a kidney collar, we will not recommend you to opt for these pants regardless of the level of play as protection from injuries to the kidney is really important during playing hockey.

4. Pad Segmentation

The last thing to keep in mind while buying hockey pants is pad segmentation so make sure that the actual pad segmentation in the pant fits with the player’s body when they are moving and skating on the ice rink.

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