In this article, we are going to be taking a look at must-have lists of hockey products to use while you are outside. We all know how important it is to train on the ice but we all get a very limited time. Hence to maximize your ability to be able to develop skills and also in confidence, you need to make sure that you are taking training outside to your homes, to parks, and to fields. So let’s take a look at our top list of favorite products to use off the ice. Check out more useful guides on hockey.

Top 8 best off ice hockey training aids to improve skills from home

Unique Ice Hockey Training Equipment

1. Marsblade

The first product on our list is going to be the Marsblade. It is an in-line training tool with a split chassis design that helps players to replicate the feeling movement emotions of being on the ice, off the ice on their inline skates which is fantastic for anyone who wants to be able to maximize their training time away from the rink and be able to transition that perfectly back onto the ice.

2. Hockey Wraparound

The next one on the list is going to be the hockey wraparound which is a must-have for any hockey player regardless of age or skill level. It is a blade protector that sits on the hockey sticks blade on the base to lift the hockey stick up so it is not in contact with the ground or rough surfaces that you are training on. In other words, what it allows you to do is take your expensive composite hockey stick and train on any rough surface without ruining the stick definitely going to be a must-have hockey gear.

3. Hockey Green Biscuit

The Green Biscuit is an official training puck that you can use pretty much on any rough surface and it slides just like a puck on the ice which means you can make a game pretty much anywhere. Most recently Green Biscuit introduced following a few new models.

Green Biscuit Alien

The most recent one is a Green Biscuit Alien which lights up in the dark so you can use it when it is slightly darker outside or even at nighttime which is kind of cool.

Green Biscuit Pro

They also have the Green Biscuit Pro which is for stickhandling and creates a slightly more puck-like feel.

Green Biscuit Snipe

They have the Green Biscuit Snipe which is a darker shade of green that is used for shooting and also stick handling and passing.

Original Green Biscuit

The Original Green Biscuit is for light passing and sticks handling our personal favorite has always been the original green biscuit because it is flawless.

4. Wooden Stickhandling Ball

Another one of our personal favorites and because of how diverse it is what makes it under this list is the Swedish wooden stickhandling ball. It is a wooden ball as the name suggests that is about 2 ounces in weight so it is much lighter than a hockey puck but it is great for working on those fast-twitch muscles stick handling pretty much anywhere. You can use it inside the house, in the kitchen, in the living room while watching TV wherever you want to play some hockey which is the great thing about it.

5. Sweet Hand Stickhandling Balls

This is another one of our favorite products. The great thing about these hockey balls is that they come in three different weights. One slightly lighter than a puck which is great for building again those fast-twitch muscles and being able to build confidence with your stickhandling. The next one up is more similar or realistic to a puck’s weight which makes your training a little bit more game applicable and you are able to transfer the skill sets that you develop with it directly onto the ice.

The last one and the heaviest is way heavier than a puck and it is made from metal unlike the other two which are made from plastic. This one is called the muscle ball. It is great for building the strength that you need to be able to move the puck around the ice so this is definitely going to be a must-have for anyone that is looking to build this stickhandling confidence and also build the muscle that is required to be able to move the puck confidently on the ice.

6. Hockey Sauce Kit

The hockey saucer kit is a game as well as a training aid which is what makes it so fun because you do not actually realize that you are practicing skills but you are having fun and also developing key skills to transfer back onto the ice. The hockey saucer kit consists of two small nuts with a ramp and the idea is to source the part from one end of one net into the other so the idea is to challenge each other to see who has the best accuracy and who has sauce great products to use to develop your saucing ability, passing accuracy and also soft hands

Sauce Toss

The sauce toss again is a similar concept as of sauce kit slightly different construction but the idea behind this one is that it has two nets. The great thing about this is it adds a little bit more competitiveness to the game because not only it allows you to get the puck into but there is a much smaller net central to the first network which basically means that you are working a lot harder to be a lot more accurate with your shooting or your saucing. Again it is incredibly fun and all of the skills that you are practicing are transferable on the ice so these are two of our favorite tools to use especially during the summertime or even when you are just out having a barbecue.

7. Hockey Goal Net Training Aid

The goal shooting net is another amazing product that you can place anywhere in your home or any other flat place so you can boost your goal skills without a professional ice rink. It is very easy to pack up and carry out.

8. xDeviator Hockey Stickhandling Trainer

The last one on the list is going to be something to stickhandle around. Now there are a lot of products that you can buy out there things like the xDeviators or the Sweet Hands that create an object foot of stick handle in between you can set up pucks but the problem with that is if you hit one, you have to reset them. It can get quite annoying so that is why these products come in handy.

You can replicate xDeviator and make it yourself from broken sticks and pucks. Now any ice rink will have broken sticks so any teens will be able to give you broken sticks. If you do not have any, if you have an old stick that you do not want, you can also convert it into that and you can use this thing to stick handle pretty much anywhere you are. It moves around just like the xDeviator so you can create countless shapes to be able to stick out of the puck all around. Therefore, it helps you work on your confidence and your stickhandling ability from anywhere that you are and of course it is going to be saving you a lot of money.


It is a lot of fun you can use these things pretty much wherever you want. Now, of course, there are countless products that you can use off the ice to train. If you think that we have missed any out, let us know what they are or if there are any new products that you think that we might check out or we should check out let us know in the comment section down below.

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