If you are in search of the best Ritual hockey stick, then you are at the right place. On Ritual field hockey sticks, you can choose from a wide range of designs, features, and prices that are budget-friendly.

There are sticks made for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as sticks for junior and senior players. Ritual Velocity, Revolution, and Finesse are all part of their top line. They come in series 25, 55, 75, and 95. Let’s check out our top picks for ritual sticks;

Best Ritual Field Hockey SticksTop Ritual Field Hockey Sticks

Stick ModelBow TypeHeadHandleSizePrice
Ritual Velocity 95Low Bow24.5mm31mm36.5, 37.5, 38.5See Price
Specialist RevolutionLow Bow24.5mm31.5mm36.5, 37.5, 38.5See Price
Ritual Response 75Mid Bow24.5mm31.5mm36.5, 37.5See Price
Ritual Ultra Plus 95Low Bow24mm31.2mm36.5, 37.5, 38.5See Price
Ritual Finesse 55Late Bow23mm30mm36.5, 37.5See Price
Ritual Specialist 75Low Bow24mm31.5mm36.5, 37.5See Price
Ritual REFLEX 75Low Bow17.8mm31mm36.5See Price
Ritual Velocity 55Low Bow24.5mm31mm36.5, 37.5See Price

1. Ritual Velocity 95 Field Hockey Stick

Ritual Velocity 95 Hockey Stick

The Ritual Velocity 95 is one of the most high-tech sticks on the market right now. It took two years to make, and more than 200 prototypes were used to test it.

This makes it a great example of sports engineering. It has a strong 24mm profile and is made from the best materials available.

It also has an EVA foam wrap and a brand-new handle system with three layers. The extremely low bow shape allows for maximum dynamic ball control, as well as consistency in aerial pass abilities and drag flick consistency.

Because of its low weight and perfect balance, this hockey stick is now considered to be one of the best you can buy.

2. Ritual Specialist Revolution 95 Hockey Stick

Ritual Specialist Revolution Stick

This Specialist Revolution 95 is designed to be utilized at the highest level as a drag flick stick.

When a player is flicking the ball, they want to have as much control over it as possible, hence the shape of the stick is designed to give them that.

In addition to this, it features an incredibly thin taper that enables more precision while doing 3D skills.

It’s the ideal stick for field hockey players who have their sights set on competing at the highest possible level.

3. Ritual Response 75 Field Hockey Stick

Ritual Response 75 Field Hockey Stick

This stick is perfect for upright players who want to play the game in a more traditional fashion. It has a Super Soft Grip for enhanced control.

Because of its traditional, mid-bow curve and a straight handle, it enables both an effortless shot and a solid impact.

The shaft of the stick is made up of 75% Japanese carbon, and it features a medium-sized handle that measures 31mm in diameter for comfort and balance.

4. Ritual Ultra Plus 95 Hockey Stick

Ritual Ultra Plus 95 Stick

The Ultra 95+ hockey stick is shaped to provide maximum power while maintaining pinpoint precision.

The design of the stick, which is late curved, makes it easier to flick and slap strike the ball.

This Ultra 95+ stick offers a feel that is both firm and comfortable while being made out of quality composite materials.

Moreover, the stick has a low profile, which results in better responsiveness and a smoother glide.

5. Ritual Finesse 55 Field Hockey Stick

Ritual Finesse 55 Field Hockey Stick

This Finesse 55 is an adaptable and lightweight stick that has a low bow that is 23 millimeters and a grip that measures 29 millimeters.

A one-of-a-kind soft-touch grip and an anti-shock foam-wrapped handle are both included in its design.

In addition to this, it’s constructed with 55% carbon, making it both lightweight and balanced, and it has the ideal amount of grip thickness.

It’s suitable for young players and has been chosen by athletes of the USA Men’s National Team.

6. Ritual Specialist 75 Hockey Stick

Ritual Specialist 75 Hockey Stick

The Ritual Specialist 75 is the perfect hockey stick for athletes who are in the intermediate skill range. You’ll have maximum power and control because of its high-end materials, which include carbon and fiberglass.

Additionally, it improves your ability to use the drag flick. Your game will benefit from the aggressive 24mm profile, taper, and low-bow design of this stick.

The grip on the handle is made of Super Soft foam, while the handle itself is encased in EVA foam. It’s one of the best budget Ritual field hockey sticks.

7. Ritual REFLEX 75 Field Hockey Stick

Ritual REFLEX 75 Stick

The Ritual REFLEX 75 Stick is made for more experienced players and is based on the design of the Velocity 95, which is a very popular stick.

It has a silica-face coating and an aggressive 24mm low curve, which give it a very smooth feel and make it easy to drag and flick.

Its design is a mix of modern improvements, which makes it the best choice for players who want the most cutting-edge technology and the best performance possible.

8. Ritual Velocity 55 Field Hockey Stick

Ritual Velocity 55 Field Hockey Stick

This Ritual Velocity 55 stick was designed and made in Australia according to the strictest standards of accuracy.

It has RTM resin injection technology that is controlled by a computer, which goes well with its woven carbon and aerospace foam core head structure.

Jack Heldens, an athlete on the United States Men’s National Team, recommends it because it is light and well-balanced.

Final Words

Currently, these are the most popular field hockey sticks by the sports manufacturer “Ritual”. You may also find numerous sticks online and select one that suits your gaming style. Choose a well-known brand and consider what other players say about them.

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