Whether you are a professional or an occasional ice skater, it’s better to protect your ice skates by keeping them in an appropriate skate bag rather than buying another expensive pair. We are going to present to you the top 5 best ice skating bags currently available on the market. All the options listed are of high quality and budget-friendly so anyone can buy with full confidence.

Best Ice Skating Bags

Best Ice Skating Bags Review

Brand/ModelMaterialDimensions (Inch)Weight (lbs)Price
TOPOWN Ice Skates BagNylon16x11x22See Price
Athletico Skate BagPolyester16x16x101.2See Price
EALER Ice Skate BagNylon16x9x152.5See Price
CRS Inline Skate BagNylon13x17x135.2See Price
FOUUA Roller Skate BagsOxford Fabric15x15x81See Price

1. TopOwn Ice Skate Bag

TopOwn Ice Skate Bag

A combination of high-quality nylon fabric construction and a durable frame makes this bag wear and tear-proof. Therefore, you can use it for a long period of time. There is an additional plastic plate adjusted at the bottom of the large pockets to offer great support to the ice skates and other stuff.

It has a couple of small and big pockets. The two main compartments are suitable for storing skates safely, the front and back pockets are good for keeping your clothes/blade covers, and the side pockets are ideal for socks, water bottles, keys, etc.

There is a name tag so no conflict when a lot of people put their skates in the same place. It has an adjustable foam-padded long strap for convenient carrying. The Air vents keep your ice skate dry odor-free and separate from other equipment.

It’s backed by 2 years manufacturer warranty so don’t hesitate to buy this ice skating bag for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones who are passionate ice skaters.


  • More durable and long-lasting performance
  • Multiple pockets
  • Available in various beautiful colors


  • Not find any major weak point

2. Athletico Ice Skating Bag

Athletico Skating Bags

At number 2, we have an excellent skate bag by Athletico. It has two pockets that are big enough to hold any size ice skate. The pockets for skates feature a D-shape zipper so throwing them inside is very easy.

In the middle of skate pockets, there is a giant compartment where you can put stuff like a blade protector, towel, phone, and so on. What we like is its mesh side pocket for the bottle so when you feel dehydration training, you will have easy access to drinking water.

There is a carrying handle on the top and a long detachable shoulder strap supported by metal hardware. So it’s up to you whether you prefer to put that on your shoulder or like to carry it holding in hand. Available in 5 nice colors (green/grey/blue/pink/black).


  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting performance
  • Suitable for ice skates and roller skates
  • Bestseller


  • Some people may find it bulky/oversized

3. Ealer Ice Hockey Skate Bag

Ealer Ice Hockey Skate Bags

Carry your ice skates with class in this superb skate bag on your way back from or to the ice rink. They do a great job of stitching the main zipper to make it capable of handling maximum weight as compared to the other bags.

Like other bags, it also has an easy to adjustable long shoulder strap so transporting skates from one place to another becomes easier and more comfortable. Also, there is a top handle for swift movement. We like that it has multiple pockets to put some extra personal items in it.

Perfect for holding junior to adult-size ice hockey skates. Choose from various elegant colors including grey/navy/black/ash/blue.


  • Simple yet nice design
  • Backed by a 45days money-back guarantee
  • Best value for the money


  • Some buyers reported flimsy fabric used in its making

4. CRS Cross Ice Skating Bag

CRS Cross Ice Skate Bag

Magnificent bag for those who don’t wanna mess with other things and prefer to roll it on the floor instead of putting the skate bag on their shoulders. What makes this bag different from the other skate bags is its wheels so you can put it on your shoulders as well as use it as a rolling bag.

Besides space for skates, there is a huge capacity to store several gadgets and equipment such as training outfits, water bottles, smartphones, keys, wallets, and more.

The long strap is padded with high-density foam to carry it without feeling pain in your shoulders. If the price is not an issue for you, go ahead and opt for this product.


  • It looks classy and stands out from the crowd
  • Unique telescopic pull handle
  • Ideal for ice and inline skates


  • It May make you feel uncomfortable when rolling over some uneven surfaces
  • Expensive

5. Fouua Ice Skate Bag

Fouua Ice Skating Bag

Summing up with our list of the best ice skating bags, we have a satisfactory quality bag by Fouua. It doesn’t only serve the purpose the same as other expensive brands but is also budget-friendly.

There are three main compartments, two outer pockets for holding skates and the center pocket for storing miscellaneous items for quick access during training or way back home.

It’s gonna protect your ice and inline skates from dust and moisture to avoid bad shoe smell. It boasts a reinforced long shoulder strap that can be easily adjusted according to the person’s height who’s carrying the bag. Definitely, worth buying gear for every enthusiast skater.


  • Highly breathable and flexible
  • Multi-purpose bag
  • Cost-effective solution


  • The zipper sometimes gets stuck upon pulling it up

Reasons To Buy An Ice Skating Bag

You might have seen people carrying skates on their shoulders or heads while walking that look so strange for the following reasons.

  • The skate laces may damage your outfit when you are putting them on your shoulders due to friction between the laces and clothes.
  • There is a chance hooks of skates get your clothes to rip off.
  • You can accidentally damage these due to collision with anything.
  • When going back after skating, you would not want to feel that bad odor from the skates.
  • Last and most important you may injure yourself with sharp edges of ice skates.

Selecting Ice Skating Bags

To carry ice skates safely and securely, you must bear in mind the following points while choosing an ice skating bag.

Bag Shape

Usually, the ice skate bags come in triangle form so should you buy one or not? The answer is absolutely “yes.” Not only is it gonna accommodate skates but there will be a lot of extra space to store other necessary gear in the bag.

Transporting a Bag

When you have a bag full of skates and other stuff, it will be hard to carry it and you may end up putting the bag on your shoulders and that’s not good. So you must find an ideal option that provides ease of access and transport from one place to another.


Another important thing to consider when you are making a choice about buying an ice skating bag is the “construction”. Check the bag to see if it features a tough framework and whether it holds up well or not when empty. If yes, then go ahead with that option.

Air Vents

In this case, if you keep your ice skates in the bag for a long time after use, they may get damaged due to moisture and cause a permanent bad odor. So try to buy a bag that has a mesh construction and airflow system.

More Options For Ice Skating Bags

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