Investing in wearable hockey fitness trackers is something you should consider doing if you take the sport of hockey seriously and want to monitor both your performance on the ice and your overall fitness level.

There is a wide selection of trackers available for purchase today; nevertheless, it is essential to choose one that is suitable for hockey and has functions that are tailored to the requirements of the game.

You need tools that can track not only your heart rate but also how many calories you burn and how your body is healing. You should search for a tracker that is not only durable but also easy to wear.

Here, we will discuss the top 10 best fitness tracker watches for hockey players, each of which comes with a variety of unique features that were developed with hockey players in mind.

Best Hockey Fitness Trackers1. Garmin Forerunner 955 Hockey Tracker


Garmin Forerunner 955 Hockey TrackerThe Garmin Forerunner 955 fitness tracker watch can monitor your hockey performance. “Training readiness” promotes daily exercises.

A race widget indicates how long a race will take and how to train. 1.3-inch display, traditional button arrangement, upgraded sensors.

This battery- and solar-powered watch costs $599. The 955 also contains a barometric altimeter, gyroscope, and high-heart-rate sensor. These sensors provide more precise data and show your heart rate in real time.

It also works with GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO. It can receive signals on several frequencies, making it versatile.

2. Apple Watch Series 7 Hockey Fitness Tracker

Apple Watch Series 7 Hockey Fitness Tracker

If you play hockey and care about health, you’ll adore the Apple Watch Series 7’s Blood Oxygen monitoring function. This function monitors blood oxygen levels.

Low blood oxygen saturation levels may indicate a major health concern. LEDs light up your wrist’s blood vessels, while photodiodes monitor how much light is reflected.

An algorithm can calculate your blood’s oxygen level from these data. Apple Watch 7’s screen and buttons are larger. The screen’s brightness was raised by 70%, and the bezels were decreased by 50% to make it drop-proof.

The Modular Duo and Contour are two new watch faces. Both new features leverage the increased screen space.

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy 5 Pro Hockey Fitness Watch

SAMSUNG Galaxy 5 Pro Hockey Fitness Watch

The SAMSUNG Galaxy 5 Pro hockey fitness tracker is a smartwatch with a range of interesting capabilities. OS, Galaxy Store Silver, rose gold, and green silicone bands are available.

Power Share and a slick Android UI are also included. The smartwatch’s sapphire crystal display and titanium body. Despite being bigger than other trackers, this watch should be acceptable for a hockey game.

The watch’s non-revolving bezel makes it less likely to fall off while playing a game. A heart rate monitor is included. The fitness tracker uses Galaxy Watch 4’s 3-in-1 BioActive sensor.

This approach combines optical, electrical, and impedance cardiac examinations. The device monitors body composition, heart rate, and electrocardiogram.

4. Casio Men’s G-Shock Move Hockey Tracker

Casio Men's G-Shock Move Hockey Tracker

Hockey enthusiasts should get the G-Shock Move fitness tracker. It shows your heart rate and calories burned. GPS is used to locate you.

It can predict how many calories you’d burn if you performed a given level of activity and how far you walk each day. G-Shock Move is easy to wear.

The watch’s upper left corner contains an easy-to-reach button. Press “A” in the top left corner to cycle between numbers. Use the top right and bottom left buttons to choose numbers.

Your G-Shock Move smartwatch syncs with your phone to provide the latest activity data. It displays alarms. The screen is readable in direct sunlight. Regular backlit wristwatch displays consume more electricity.

Make sure your watch app works before using it. The app provides up-to-date activity statistics and enables you to alter settings.

5. Huawei Watch GT 3 Hockey Fitness Tracker

Huawei Watch GT 3 Hockey Fitness Tracker

This GT3 watch is a vital fitness tracker that can be worn on the wrist during practice or while getting ready for a real hockey game. Inbuilt monitors measure the user’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels throughout the day.

Included software lets users personalize their experience and set goals. The gadget works with iPhones and Androids. It will also tell the user whether to slow down or speed up.

It may remind folks to smile or obtain a good night’s sleep. The device displays a shamrock on the user’s wrist to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, it can track running, rowing, and cycling. Built-in GPS tracks your path and position. The battery lasts 7-14 days and is suitable for many activities.

There’s a 42-millimeter and 46-millimeter HUAWEI Watch GT 3. When worn routinely, the 42mm model’s battery lasts 7 days. The 46mm model lasts four days when tested. The longer-lasting option lasts for a total of 14 days.

6. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Hockey Fitness Tracker

TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Hockey Fitness Tracker

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra adds new functions to the popular watch. It runs Google’s WearOS and boasts two CPUs for speed and accuracy.

Boasting a color AMOLED display. Corning Gorilla Glass protects it. Because of this, you may read it while swimming. Display options include color and black-and-white.

Both screens are simple to view in the sunshine and low light. The TicWatch Pro 3 contains a GPS, microphone, and speaker.

It helps you monitor workouts without a phone. A single charge lasts two to three days on this smartphone. The TicWatch can last a week without GPS.

The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra isn’t the most gorgeous smartwatch, but it’s a durable and comfortable option for any hockey enthusiast player and coach.

7. Garmin Forerunner 745 Hockey Fitness Watch

Garmin Forerunner 745 Hockey Fitness Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 745 is a heart-rate-based activity watch. It tracks pace and heart rate while playing hockey, running, swimming, and triathlon.

Features a running and sports GPS. You may download applications to monitor your activities. Connecting the fitness tracker to the internet lets you utilize training routines.

This helps you monitor your progress and create objectives. The hockey fitness tracker can monitor your activities using the Garmin Connect app.

It allows payments and has a weather app. Five buttons control the Garmin Forerunner 745’s functionality. Because it’s user-friendly, navigating is easy.

Icons and text make the buttons simple to press and locate. Depends on how frequently you use the gadget. It’s not inexpensive, but investing in it will boost your training.

8. Coros Vertix GPS Hockey Training Watch

Coros Vertix GPS Hockey Training Watch

Hockey players may use the Coros Vertix GPS fitness tracker. It’s compact and light and mimics the Garmin Fenix 6 in certain aspects. This fitness tracker has two buttons and a dial.

It also features a “back” button to flip between screens. The back button menu includes a compass and blood oxygen meter, among other settings and features.

Coros Vertix’s battery lasts 150 hours. It’s water-resistant and can withstand rigorous usage. One finger controls the Coros Vertex. This makes it simple to use with gloves.

It includes a touch screen for zooming and interacting. It can track your progress and training. It gives suggestions on relaxing and recovering.

The Coros Vertix has an app that syncs data with other fitness trackers. This way, sharing workouts on Strava is easy.

9. Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Hockey Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Hockey Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 5 hockey’s color AMOLED display is visible in direct sunlight. Unlike its predecessor, it’s always on. Because this feature drains the tracker’s battery, users should charge it every few days.

Its monitor tracks resting metabolic rate, calories burned, recovery, and sleep quality. Its simple UI makes site navigation easy. It also allows users to download training and performance-improving apps.

This is crucial for late-night or early-morning hockey players. Charge 5 measures training intensity and hockey performance.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility make the fitness tracker ideal for traveling athletes. It can detect heart rate fluctuations and has GPS navigation.

It uses algorithms to calculate the user’s heart rate and heart rate zones. Maximum heart rate is ideal for intense exercises.

10. Polar Pacer Pro Hockey Fitness TrackerPolar Pacer Pro Hockey Fitness Tracker

The Polar Pacer Pro has an easy-to-use UI and plenty of data. You may utilize several dashboards to track your day and establish objectives for hockey games. View statistics and a daily summary.

It features a calendar and tracks your daytime activities and nighttime sleep. The tracker’s heart-rate sensor and pedometer are accurate.

It’s wireless, so you don’t need an antenna when you move it. The Polar team pro’s reliable GPS data and heart rate monitor help athletes of all levels.

Technology helps hockey players exercise better and prevents overtraining. Polar Pacer Pro features a faster CPU and more memory than Polar Unite.

It features a more sophisticated display than the other tracker. Not AMOLED or LCD. MIPS technology makes visuals more lifelike.

This gadget works with third-party push alerts and applications. Its battery lasts a week of workouts or 35 hours in GPS mode. Magnetic cable provides fast charging.

Final Words

In concluding our thoughts on the importance of having the right hockey fitness trackers, You can use them to figure out how good a player might be at a certain position.

Some of these fitness monitors also have anthropometric data, which can be used to help find forwards and defenders who are playing at a very high level. This information is necessary to get a full picture of the player’s physical fitness.

Go and buy one of these super beast hockey fitness trackers for yourself or a loved one as a gift who is into the sport of hockey.

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