For having a smooth and seamless skid on the ice, you must have your skates blade got sharpened. This you can do with the help of a skate sharpener quite easily. We have listed down below the best ice hockey skate sharpeners that you can opt for as per your requirements on top of the list is the Sparx skate sharpener that is ideal for commercial while the runner-up Edge Again sharpener is for personal use.

best hockey skate sharpeners

Top Hockey Skate Sharpeners

1. Sparx Skate Sharpening Machine

Sparx Skate Sharpener

When you are gonna search the term “hockey skate sharpener”, you most probably will see the name “Sparx skate blade” in top search results. This sharpening machine has made it pretty easy and comfortable to get the rusted and deadly damaged skate blades back to life. All you have to put the skates in the machine set a number of edging cycles, push the start button and wait until it finishes the job.

It comes along with 3 different hollow grinding rings to allow your preferred blade radius for ultimate performance. Moreover, it is covered with a lid to avoid solid blade dust particles to spread here and there during the sharpening process.

2. Edge Again Ice Skate Sharpener

Edge Again Skate Edger

With this mini sharpening tool, a damaged skate blade just needs to rub for a few seconds to recover its sharpness back. It performs very well with all kinds of plain, black, and polished steel blades. What we like about it does not affect negatively on the hollow and radius of the blade that you do not find in such kind of cheaper skate sharpening gear.

3. Blade Barber Skate Sharpener

Blade Barber Hockey Skate Sharpener

At the third spot, we have a minimalist design skate sharpener by Blade Barber. This portable device perfectly works with different kinds of skate blades including ice skates, figure hockey skates, and others. In less than a minute, it has the ability to turn your old rugged skate blade into look like a new one. It is available in generally used hollows like 7 / 16 “, 9 / 16 “, & 3 / 4″.

4. A&R Sports Ice Hockey Skate Sharpener

A&R Sports Hockey Re Edger


Don’t go mad at its size and simple structure as you will be shocked after seeing the blade sharpening results. Swipe a few rounds applying a little pressure will get you the pretty sharp blade with the help of this portable sharpening machine. It features ceramic steel together with a changeable sharpening stone for extra blade edging needs. Compatible with ice and fly skate blades.

5. Kucoolou Hockey Skate Sharpening Tool

edging Tool

Another great option for skate sharpening is in the form of this unique easy to use blade re-edger by Kucoolou. It has a unique abrasive cylindrical construction to smoothly gain sharp blade edges. Due to its adjustable design, it works with most of the latest skate blades available on the market.

6. ProGuard Ice Skate Edge Enhancer

This blade edger is not that efficient in performance but can help you out to prolong the life of skate blades with slightly rough edges. Still, it is worth buying at this low price tag for ice hockey, figure, and goalie skate blade sharpening purposes. The best gift for true hockey lovers.


Scott · March 18, 2022 at 4:59 am

SSM is best all-round value sharpener in the world

    Besthockeyproducts · March 18, 2022 at 9:04 am

    Yes, definitely!

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