Almost in every sport, it is necessary to wear protective gear in order to avoid any serious injuries. Hockey is no exception to it as well.  A hockey wrist guard is a great tool to protect your arms and wrists from wounds and injuries that may happen during playing hockey on the ice rink. We are going to show you the best hockey wrist guards currently available on the market in 2024. Let’s have a look at these hockey wrist guards;

Best hockey wrist guards

Top 5 Hockey Wrist/Slash Guards 2024

1. A&R Sports Hockey Wrist Guard

A&R Sports Hockey Wrist Guard

A&R padded wrist guards offer total risk protection for hockey players of all levels rather than a straight plastic strip. These padded wrist guards feature a contoured plastic piece that wraps around your wrist for extra protection and ensures supreme comfort. The A&R padded risk art is a great investment for any hockey player looking to prevent injury and protect the exposed area between your hockey glove and elbow pads.

2. Shock Doctor Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard

Shock Doctor Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard

The shock doctor wrist guard is designed for use in multiple sports especially hockey and baseball. This is available in black and blue colors and sizes extra small through large extra large. Its integrated shock skin fabric invented foam pads secured by high-frequency contour to provide ultimate comfort and protection.

While its airflow design featuring four-way stretch mesh shells to maximize breathability. It complements the ergonomic motion 360 design that helps provide an unrestricted wrist range of motion and a targeted compression fit. Another feature of the wristband guards is antimicrobial moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your gloves dry.

3. Evoshield Hockey Slash Guard

The Evoshield custom molding protective slash guards will protect you in any situation on the ice. It has a very simple fitting process. You simply rip out of the foil pack the custom molding gel pad and take this soft gel pad you fit into the interior pocket of the wristband. Within 20 minutes, it goes from a soft gel to a permanent custom molding protective shell. It can take the highest impact of any slash because it is strong enough to disperse the energy very well.

4. Bauer Hockey Wrist Guard

This Bauer wrist guard consists of padded foams along with plastic inserts to provide extra durability and protection against any sudden injuries. The idea behind its design is to protect your arm between glove and elbow pad. It is made of high-quality terry cloth that helps wick away sweat quickly and keeps your gloves dryer while playing hockey. It comes in a pack of two pieces and is also available in three colors including red, black, and blue.

5. Warrior Hockey Wrist Guard

Last but not least in quality and performance on our list is the Warrior hockey wrist guard. It is made of highly durable terry cloth that absorbs sweat and water quickly. The best thing about this slash guard is that it is easily stretchable up to 6 inches long without losing the quality. So you can move it along the wrist as you like. It comes in a pair and is available in two colors red and black. It is lightweight but performs very well.

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