Hockey is one of the most popular and likable sports in many countries, especially in America and Canada. The pros recommend wearing proper safety equipment to fully enjoy playing hockey. We are going to talk about hockey shoulder pads. Wearing the best hockey shoulder pads is as important for the shoulder as a helmet on the head while riding a heavy bike on the highway. A shoulder pad protects your shoulders from sudden injuries that may happen as a result of a collision between the players.

If you are wondering and don’t know where to buy or what things to consider while making your decision to buy hockey shoulder pads, don’t worry; we are here to assist you in making this task simple and easy. We recommend you check out other hockey protective equipment as well for a better hockey-playing experience.

We have dedicated several hours to finding the best budget hockey shoulder pads on the market. Have a look at a brief review of each hockey shoulder pad.

Best hockey shoulder pads

Best Hockey Shoulder Pads 2024

ModelColor SizeWeight (lb)Price
Bauer NXS 4000White/BlackMedium2See Price
CCM Tacks 3092Black/YellowMedium1.5See Price
Easton Stealth S3Black/White/RedSmall1.5See Price
Warrior Alpha QX4Black/YellowX-Small1.6See Price
Stallion HPR 1.2Black/White/RedSmall1.6See Price
Sherwood T90BlackSmall1.7See Price

Selecting The Best Hockey Shoulder Pads

Buying the ideal hockey shoulder pads is essential for safety and performance. They protect your collarbone, shoulders, and upper chest while providing movement and comfort. To choose wisely from several possibilities, consider the following numerous things.

Size and Fit: Shoulder pad size and fit are crucial. A good shoulder pad should protect your collarbone and shoulders without restricting mobility. To get your size, measure your chest and consult the manufacturer’s chart. The shoulder pads should fit snugly without restricting movement, so test them on.

Protection Level: Youth, recreational, and professional shoulder pads exist. Your playing style and competition level determine your protection needs. Youth and leisure players may use lighter pads, whereas professional and physical sports demand additional protection.

Design: Consider shoulder pad design and coverage. Some designs cover the ribs and upper back, while others are simple and stress on movement. Your decision should match your playing style and protection needs. Look for extra padding in the sternum, biceps, and spine.

Mobility: Hockey players must be mobile. Look for shoulder padding that doesn’t restrict arm movement. Segmented shoulder pads give flexibility, while thicker ones protect. Make sure shoulder pads enable fluid stickhandling, shooting, and body checks.

Material: Most shoulder pads include foam and plastic inlays. High-density foams absorb impact, while plastic inserts give rigidity. Consider shoulder pad materials and quality to guarantee longevity.

Weight: For speedier motions and less strain, lighter shoulder pads are ideal. Weight and protection should balance. The finest shoulder pads match your playing style with weight and protection.

Ventilation: Hockey is strenuous. To stay cool during sports, use shoulder pads with good ventilation. Keep dry with ventilated mesh panels and moisture-wicking fabrics.

Strap System: Pay attention to the shoulder pad strap mechanism. Customize the fit with adjustable straps for optimal comfort. Players who want more belly protection may benefit from shoulder pads with detachable belly padding.

Brand and Model: Reputable hockey equipment companies make good shoulder pads. Research, read reviews, and evaluate brand and model reputations. Established brands provide performance and durability-tested goods.

Budget: Safety is paramount, but financial limits may influence your choice. However, excellent shoulder pads that protect are essential. Budget, but don’t sacrifice safety.

Regulations: Your hockey league or organization’s requirements should guide your shoulder pad selection. Equipment regulations vary per league, so follow them.

1. Bauer Nexus 4000 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pad

best bauer hockey shoulder pads


  • It features a sternum plate made of HD foam and PE insert protective materials for covering the sternum area.
  • High-quality mid-density foam with PE inserts is used to provide an extra layer of protection to the spine.
  • The molded thermoformed material is used in the biceps for free movement and great relief.
  • Its exposed thermoformed cap offers great protection against severe injuries that may occur upon players’ collision or hitting the ground.
  • Hydrophobic mesh material is used to keep the overall internal construction of the shoulder pad in a compact form.
  • It comes out with the manufacturer’s 90-day money-back guarantee.

The Bauer Nexus 4000 hockey shoulder pads feature thick high-density foams through the center to give more comfort and protection to a hockey player. There is a plastic insert through the middle sternum portion that offers high-level protection. This shoulder pad has a one-piece chest plate with thick medium-density foams. At the collarbone protection, it uses thick padding to achieve more flexibility.

Looking at its strapping system, it features thick elastic straps and a lot of Velcro through the front so you can have your option to where you want to place it and how tight you want it to be. As these are not covered caps it has that traditional look, especially on this entry-level model and it is backed with medium-density foams. Its bicep guard is attached right under the shoulder cap that has a molded plastic insert with medium-density foam to provide great relief while playing hockey.

2. CCM Tacks 3092 Youth Hockey Shoulder Pad

best CCM hockey shoulder pads


  • It is backed by PE reinforcement to protect the sternum.
  • There is a high-density PE foam to safeguard the body’s fragile part “spine”.
  • Injected PE caps are there to get more stability and flexibility.
  • The manufacturer offers a 3-month limited-time money-back guarantee.

This pad is a big upgrade from the previous model with the floating sternum guard making it a two-piece panel construction that gives you a little bit extra mobility to keep the protection where it needs to be and gives a full range of motion. The sternum guard is going to be a big piece of injected plastic so it offers some great protection for such a vital part of the area. A cool thing about it is that extends all the way down to the bottom of the pad for complete coverage. Segmented thick medium-density foams back both sides of the panels to provide you with good mobility.

It features a traditional strapping system and then into the shoulder caps, it uses JDP cap technology that has been around for quite some time and it’s been successful. Its unique design helps to disperse impact energy away from the body and into the shoulder pad so it gives you excellent protection. It uses more medium-density foam in the kidney area for maximum protection against any uncertain injuries. For the fit profile, this CCM shoulder pad is a little bit more bulking line so it will give you better coverage than what you would find in the QLT line.

3. Easton Stealth S3 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pad

best easton hockey shoulder pads


  • It comes with a removable stomach pad.
  • Its 3-piece foam provides great cover and moveability to the sternum/chest.
  • The spine is protected by durable reinforced foam.
  • Completely wrapped up biceps with adjustable velcro retention straps give ultimate protection.
  • A molded PE cap brings more stability to the shoulders on the field.
  • Nylon mesh and foam liner are used to keep the overall structure of the shoulder pad intact.

The Easton Stealth S3 shoulder pad is the entry-level shoulder pad in the stealth line. It features a simple traditional design that is a great option for recreational leagues or entry-level players. On the front portion, there is a single density foam so that is going to be all X outside area which is kind of a white color then down in the center what they call a three-panel system that is sewn together so it is not an elastic three-piece but it will add a little bit better fit.

There is a thin plastic insert in the upper sternum area to offer a little bit more protection. Both front and back sides have a similar design that features single-density foams as well as through the center panel and then there are some plastic inserts to offer a little more spine protection. Another nice thing about it has a little bit of a ribbed wrap on it which typically the entry or recreational pads do not have.

4. Warrior Alpha QX4 Senior Hockey Shoulder Pad

best Warrior shoulder pad


  • It is designed for superior fit, protection, and mobility.
  • Besides giving protection, this shoulder pad keeps you cool, light, and mobile.
  • It features 2″ elastic velcro stomach straps and 1.5″ elastic velcro bicep straps for more grip over the shoulders.

It features a one-piece construction on the front that has extra segments in it so it is going to give you a little bit better mobility and fit a little bit better around the body. It consists of a medium-thick density foam front, back, and down through the center of the pad. Its top sternum guard has a plastic insert with a moisture-wicking mesh and medium-density foam that gives some really nice protection for that vital part of the body. There is a nice traditional strapping system that is very easy to adjust and secure.

A molded plastic shoulder cap uses some thicker medium-density foams on the underside that offer a little bit more comfort as well as a little more protection. Moreover, the Warrior QX4 also features a one-piece nonadjustable bicep guard which is actually attached with elastic that allows a hockey player a little bit better fit around the body with nice mobility, and then the bicep guard itself acts as a fully injected plastic with nice anatomical wrap so this is so nice and snug on the arm.

5. STX Stallion HPR 1.2 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pad

best STX hockey shoulder pads


  • Power fit technology offers an adequate amount of protection in all major body zones to the potential players.
  • The EVA foams and PE plastic inserts are there to provide value and performance.
  • The pads are loaded with dual-density shoulder caps and a 2-piece bicep guard for enhanced support and customization.

The STX Stallion HPR 1.2 hockey shoulder pad has a traditional one-piece front panel. It uses a lot of dual-density foam mostly high-density through the front to give you some of the best coverage. The other cool thing about it is that it is segmented so it will move around with you. It is a little stiff so it will take a little bit of time to break in but the level of protection this opening pad offers is excellent. On the sides, it uses medium-density foams which are a little bit stiffer than what you find in the competition so again just great remarks on this pad so far.

It also features a removable belly guard that is not typically found in these opening price points and then the strapping system is a very traditional elastic strap it does have a little pull tab on it so it makes taking it off a little bit easier. The caps used in this pad are different from traditional shoulder pads. The cap itself is a little bit shorter and has a little more angle to it so it will kind of give you a little bit bulkier look out there but it is surrounded with medium-density foams underneath to provide good comfort and then to help disperse some of the impact energy. It does have some good rap under the kidneys and a moisture-wicking nylon liner as well. For the fit profile, it is more traditional so it is a little bulkier but offers great coverage from front to back.

6. Sherwood True Touch T90 Hockey Shoulder Pad

best True Touch shoulder pad


  • The internal body vest is crafted with corn liner to make it soft and comfortable.
  • Segmented sternum and backplates offer you protection as well as flexibility in movement.
  • Like other shoulder pads on this list, it has also adjustable bicep protectors for easy customization of your gear as per your playing requirements.

It features a dual-density foam on the inside offering a nice comfortable fit and also a protected medium-density foam layer on the outside. This uses a segmented design that will give it a nice wrap around your body towards the base. There is a wide Velcro pad that allows the elastic strap a lot more area to cover that runs from the back to the front so it is a customized fit. The Sherwood True Touch T 90 hockey shoulder pads have dual-density foam sternum guards so these dual-density foams are topped with a molded plastic insert on the sternum protecting that very vital area.

This also features a ventilation system to give good airflow to your chest. Now, this floating design allows you to be very flexible and uses elastic straps on each side and one towards the base to give it a nice flexible fit.  At the collarbone, a molded plastic insert is used with comfort foams and medium-density foams that provide good protection. There is a flexible molded plastic shoulder cap that is also backed with medium-density foam giving extra impact protection.

Hockey Shoulder Pad Size Chart

There must be the proper size for comfort, safety, and performance. Hockey shoulder pad size charts may assist players, parents, and coaches in choosing. Common hockey shoulder pad sizes are shown below.

Hockey shoulder pads come in child-to-adult sizes. Age, body dimensions, and chest circumference determine sizing. A generic size chart guide:

  • Youth Sizes: For players under 12. Youth shoulder pads provide optimal protection and mobility. The sizing chart for young players uses chest circumference in inches, usually 20–30.
  • Junior Sizes: 12–16-year-olds need bigger shoulder pads. Junior size charts include 28–34-inch chest circumferences. Junior shoulder pads balance mobility and protection.
  • Senior Sizes: Adult shoulder pads are used by senior athletes, usually 16 and older. The senior player size chart contains 32-52-inch chest dimensions. Adjustable straps and padding are common in senior shoulder pads for optimal protection.

When buying shoulder pads, check the manufacturer’s size chart since brands and models may vary. Player position and personal preferences might also affect shoulder pad size. Forwards may choose a slimmer fit for movement, while defensemen may prefer bigger shoulder pads for protection.

Users of hockey shoulder pad size charts should measure their chest circumference by wrapping a measuring tape around the largest region of their chest, right below the armpits. Compare the measurement to the manufacturer’s size chart to choose a size.

Unfit shoulder pads may impair a player’s mobility, comfort, and safety on the ice. Properly sized shoulder pads protect players’ upper bodies from collisions, checks, and puck hits.


We hope our list of the above-reviewed hockey shoulder pads will make it easier for you to choose the best hockey shoulder pads as per your playing preferences. So if you still have questions or concerns regarding shoulder guards, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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