In the off-ice hockey season, better to keep on training for improving your goal and stickhandling skills rather than wasting time watching TV and other spoiled activities. For the best purpose to serve, you may need to have at least a basic hockey tarp/target to practice goal drills at home. So if you don’t have it yet, good to check out the below reviewed 5 best hockey shooting tarps and targets.

Hockey Shooting Tarps

Top Hockey Shooting Tarps Review

1. Snipers Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp

Snipers Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp

On top of the list, we have this excellent hockey tarp from a popular sports brand “Sniper Edge”. It’s constructed using high-quality Vintex vinyl that can handle any kind of slap shot efficiently. The nylon edging protects the surface where it’s going to be attached to. It will not take more than 15 minutes to install. Due to the flexible design, it’s also easy to roll down to store anywhere taking minimal space. Ideal to use inside and outside under any weather conditions. Available in two sizes “7x16ft” & “8x16ft”.

2. Mylec Sharp Shooter Pro

Mylec Sharp Shooter Pro

The runner-up is the Mylec hockey target that will assist you in mastering scoring a goal with an improved accuracy rate. They use vinyl material to make it highly sturdy and durable so you will have a good experience having this hockey target for a long time period. It features an arc shape design on all four corners that are meant for goals. The weighted bottom keeps the tarp straight during air breezing. You can use it for both ice hockey and street hockey. It can spread up to 70 inches across the standard hockey goal.

3. RAVE Sports Hockey Shooting Tarp

RAVE Sports Hockey Shooting Tarp

Whether you are going to start a hockey session at the house backyard or on the asphalt concrete street, this large size hockey tarp is a great training aid to become proficient in slap shots and hitting a puck into the goal. It can be mounted on any wall or other similar ideal spots quite conveniently. The built-in round pouches hold the puck and save you a lot of time that you may waste in collecting them repeatedly. There are several gourmet holes for a secure hold fastening with straps. There is a suede sleeve pocket at the bottom for holding a weighted object to keep the tarp straight.

4. Bauer Sharpshooter Pro Goal

Bauer Sharpshooter Pro Goal

Extremely durable hockey shooter pro made of premium quality thick polyester material backing up with a reinforced PVC layer. It will stay in great condition upon several years of abuse. The installation is so simple as it fits perfectly with all standard-sized (6’x4′) hockey goals with the help of pre-attached bungee cords. Ideally suitable to use with both balls and pucks. Its wide-size goalie vibrant color graphics give it a more elegant look. So go ahead and buy it with full confidence.

5. Forza Hockey Shooting Target

Forza Hockey Shooting Target

Lastly, we have the Forza hockey shooting target that despite being inexpensive offers comparatively the same durability and performance as we reviewed above. It has a lightweight vinyl construction so easy to carry anywhere you go to use it during more frequent hockey training sessions. The 5 differently positioned holes provide a more realistic platform to get better at shooting and scoring goals. Definitely worth buying a hockey target trainer.

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