Top 5 Best Hockey Pucks Review 2024 – A hockey puck is used as a ball in the game of ice hockey. It is usually made of plastic or rubber material. There are various brands offering similar hockey pucks distinguished in quality at different prices. So sometimes it becomes a little harder to select the right hockey puck. If you are looking for the best hockey pucks and do not know where to buy them online, you are in the right place. In order to make this task easy and simple, we have compiled a list of top 5 best hockey pucks for you. Just have a look at a brief overview of each hockey puck to know which hockey puck does well as per your playing preferences. Read the best hockey shoulder pads review.

best hockey pucks

Best Hockey Pucks 2024

Brand/ModelPack (Pcs)Unit Weight (lb)Price
FASWIN Hockey Puck120.4See Price
A&R Sports Puck40.4See Price
Green Biscuit Puck10.3See Price
Hug Flight Puck500.3See Price
Smarthockey Puck

1 & 30.4See Price

1. Faswin Ice Hockey Puck (Value Pack)

It is one of the best selling ice hockey pucks. The Faswin puck is designed and weighted in accordance with the professional hockey standards that are 3-inches in diameter and 1-inch thick and weighing just 0.4lb so you will get the best out of this puck that helps you to polish your puck striding skills. A high quality smooth vulcanized rubber is used in the manufacturing of Faswin pucks that are finished well for the powerful shots and passes. It comes in a pack of 12 pieces so you do not worry in case you lost anyone during practicing hockey. You are highly recommended this hockey puck regardless of the level of play whether you are a beginner or professional hockey player.

2. A&R Sports Ice Hockey Puck (Plyer’s Choice)

A&R Sports is very famous for designing and manufacturing sports equipment especially hockey equipment. This ice hockey puck is a prime example of their products. They make it using the premium quality vulcanized rubber that is enough stiff and compact that can handle any amount of striding force of hockey stick easily. The pack contains 4 pcs so it is a great deal at this price. It weighs only 0.4lb so this needs a little push to crawl on any smooth surface. The A&R ice hockey puck is an ideal choice to boost hockey skills at the home, office or even in the street. This puck has been also used in many international hockey leagues like NHL, SHL, AHL, and others.  It is made in the Czech Republic.

3. Green Biscuit Original Hockey Puck (Best Quality)

Green Biscuit Original Hockey Puck

The Green Biscuit is limited to manufacturing but premium quality hockey pucks. It is ideal for passing wrist shots, slap shots and stick handling skills, not for shooting. It is made of hard plastic and available in various colors so you can choose the color that you like the most. Another benefit of having this lightweight hockey puck is that it can be used anywhere on a smooth place. It even stays flat on typical cracked streets. This Green Biscuit is for all whether they are the beginner or professional hockey players. You can gift this beautiful gadget to your kids they will definitely love it if they are in sports of hockey.

4. Hug Flight Ice Hockey Practice Pucks (Bulk Pack)

Hug Flight Ice Hockey Practice Pucks

If practicing hockey is your daily routine, the Flight hockey puck is the best option for you. As it comes in a bulk pack of 50 pcs so you can shoot a lot of puck shots in the net at once without bringing back pucks one by one. Despite comparatively cheaper in price, they do not compromise on quality. It is made of hard but more durable rubber so it slips on ice and other smooth surfaces efficiently. Each puck is packed in a separate plastic bag so it will not damage the edges of the puck and the package includes a manual book that tells basic information about the puck. This is a great value product for the money.

5. Smart hockey Plastic Ice Hockey Puck

Smart hockey Plastic Ice Hockey Puck

The Smarthokcey puck is the last but not least in our list of best hockey pucks. They use a unique ÏStay FlatÓ dynamic core technology in the manufacturing of puck. Therefore, it allows the puck to slide on any hard place the same as on an ice rink. It is available in seven different colors including black, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and pink so you can select your favorite color. This puck follows the exact same dimensions as of a professional hockey puck so therefore it can be used to practice any hockey skills such as stick handling, wrist shots, slap shots, shooting skills, etc. It comes in a pack of 1 and 3 pieces each. You will never regret investing in this product so go ahead and buy you confidently.


We hope that our list of the above-reviewed hockey pucks might help you out in selecting the best hockey pucks for great puck shots and passes. So if you still have questions or concerns regarding hockey pucks, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out. Also, read the guide on off-ice hockey training aids to polish your hockey skills at home.

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