Best Hockey Nets Review 2024 – Regardless of whether you are a professional or new to the sports of hockey, you always need to polish your hockey skills in order to compete with the opponent. But is also not possible for everyone to go regularly to the rink for practicing hockey. So in this case, a hockey net is a good option to nurture your hockey skills. There are hockey nets that can be placed anywhere from the house backyard to the street easily. Every company claims to offer the best hockey nets but this is not much true in certain cases. Because many of them do not sell what they promise.

best hockey nets

So after testing and reviewing several hockey nets, we came out with the 5 best hockey nets available on the market in 2024. The selection of these hockey nets is based on different factors such as quality, performance, prices, and consumer feedback. Therefore, read carefully the brief review of each net so that you can find the best one that could help you to boost your hockey expertise to the next level.

Top 5 Hockey Nets 2024

1. Mylec Steel Hockey Goal

Mylec Hockey Nets

On top of the list, we have the Mylec hockey goal net. This is one of the best-selling all-purpose hockey goal nets that has been designed in a way that allows the players to practice hockey anywhere they want from the flat street surface to hardened ice bumps. It is pretty heavy which means it is going to offer great durability and performance. All parts of the frame are made of quality stainless steel material. The net is stitched to the rugged canvas sleeves for enhanced durability. The best thing about this net is that you can also fix the NHL hockey shooting target on it. If the net is broken, you can order for the replacement so no need to buy a full set of goals. It has 52 inches in width, 43 inches in height, and 28 inches in depth.


  • Suitable for multi-level play
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Built for long-lasting
  • Available at a very reasonable price


  • Goal net may tear off over time

2. Franklin Sports Hockey Goal Net

Franklin Sports Hockey Goal Net

Franklin Sports is one of the prominent brands that deal with sportswear and equipment. This hockey goal is a prime example of their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The Franklin Sports hockey net offers quite similar features we looked at above in the Mylec hockey goal net. You can take this set of goal nets where you want as it is easy to set up and part out. The net is of high quality that can handle plastic-made pucks and even big soccer balls without having any issue. It has dimensions of 50Wx42Lx26D in inches. Simply, it is a great companion for every hockey player regardless of the age limit.


  • Supports multi-sports including Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Soccer
  • Being lightweight, easy to carry anywhere
  • Fairly priced


  • There is no such bad about this product.

3. EZGoal Folding Pro Hockey Goal

EZGoal Folding Pro Hockey Goal Net

The EZGoal comes at the third position on our list of best hockey nets. It has a very unique folding structure so it does not take too much space to store as other conventional goal nets do. The net is very strong that can handle any kind of shot for a long time. Its backstop net is an added advantage to stop the puck/ball from not going far away. This is 72″ wider and 48″ high. In simple, this is a great value for the money.


  • More sturdy and durable
  • Equiped with back stop net
  • Comes with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • It is heavier so hard to move around

4. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set

Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set

This is another great product from the house of Franklin Sports. If you have kids and they love playing hockey, then what can be the best gift for them more than this beautiful product? This is currently the best indoor hockey training aid for startup players. It comes in a bundle pack that includes four hockey sticks, two goalie sticks, four balls, and two-goal nets. Moreover, it also comes with a bag so you can put all the stuff in it and can take it with you during camping. The goal has dimensions of W28″xH20″xD15″ and weighs just six pounds. Simply this can play the role of Kickstarter for your hockey career.


  • Easily collapsible and simple to set up
  • Provides shield against bad weather effects
  • You will get multiple products at a price of one!


  • Some of the customers complained about the durability of the material used

5. Hockey Revolution Goal Training Aid

Hockey Revolution Goal Training Aid

Last but not least is the Hockey Revolution goal. This is basically designed for those players who want to improve their puck shooting abilities but you can also use it for other hockey training purposes. Simple yet offers great performance. It is made of lightweight vinyl material that is resistant to rust and corrosion so you will get the best out of it for years. It comes with 6 targets along with two rubber straps to hang on shooting targets. you can set target positions as per your preferences. In short, you will definitely love this great piece of product. One thing to remember is that this goal assistant does not include a net so you will have to buy a net separately.


  • Highly sturdy and durable
  • You will get the same product as described by the seller
  • Well priced


  • Nothing has been reported negative to this product yet

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