Hockey is a game of spirit that is played in the form of a team; therefore, it is important to wear all necessary protective and safety hockey equipment before going to the ice rink to avoid any sudden injuries that may occur due to the collision between players. We are going to talk about hockey elbow pads in this guide, so you can also read our guides on other hockey-protecting gear as well. So if you are wondering and don’t know where to find the best hockey elbow pads online, we are here to sort out this issue for you. We have compiled a list of the top 7 best hockey elbow pads, which are a famous choice among professional NHL hockey players. Let’s head over the brief review of each hockey elbow pad to know the features they are offering.

best hockey elbow pads

Best Hockey Elbow Pads 2024

Bauer S150Small, Medium, LargeBlack/YellowSee Price
Stallion HPR 1.5Small, LargeBlack/RedSee Price
CCM FT350SmallBlack/RedSee Price
Warrior QX5Small, Medium, LargeBlack/YellowSee Price
Tour Code ActivSmall, Medium, LargeBlack/WhiteSee Price
Easton EQ ProMedium, LargeWhite/Navy BlueSee Price
Sherwood T120SmallBlack/White/RedSee Price

Selecting The Right Hockey Elbow Pads

Choosing the finest hockey elbow pads is crucial for safety and performance. These protective gear pieces protect elbows and promote comfort and movement. This guide can help you buy the suitable elbow pads:

Size and Fit: Hockey elbow pads must be sized beforehand. Check the manufacturer’s size chart after measuring your bicep and forearm. A good fit keeps pads in place throughout play.

Types: Traditional and anatomical elbow pads are the major styles. Traditional pads cover more, but anatomical pads are sleeker and conform to your arm for increased movement. Select the kind that matches your playstyle and tastes.

Protection Level: Assess your needs. Defensemen may choose thicker pads for optimum protection, while forwards may prefer lighter pads for mobility.

Material: Hockey elbow protectors are constructed of foam, plastic, and Kevlar. Look for a durable and protective mixture. Innovative materials in higher-end pads improve impact resistance.

Strapping System: Elbow pads should be strapped securely. Customizable straps with Velcro or elastic bands prevent pads from sliding during play.

Mobility: Hockey requires arm mobility, so buy pads that enable it. An articulating design with segmented cushioning improves the range of motion without compromising protection.

Liner: They should have a moisture-wicking, odor-resistant lining. Keeping your arms dry and odor-free may improve long-term play comfort.

Brand and Model: Well-known hockey equipment brands make good gear. Find trustworthy brands and models by reading reviews and asking teammates and coaches.

League Rules: Choose elbow protectors that meet league rules. Different leagues may have protective gear sizes and construction standards.

Budget: Hockey elbow pad prices vary. Before buying, set a budget and balance quality and price. Remember that premium versions provide superior protection and durability.

Maintenance: You should know how to maintain your elbow pads. The ability to take apart and wash components is crucial for ensuring durability and cleanliness.

1. Bauer Supreme S150 Senior Hockey Elbow Pad

best bauer hockey elbow pads

The New Bauer Supreme S150 hockey elbow pad has a two-piece construction with a nylon strap that allows the pad to move freely without keeping you restricted to protection. It features perforated medium-density foam in the bicep guard, so it will provide you with good airflow, keeping you cool throughout the game. There is a molded, injected forearm guard that gets slashed quite often, and then a molded elbow cap consists of a thin layer of medium-density foam to provide more protection when the opponent might be hit accidentally. Getting into the strapping system, there is a small one-inch elastic middle strap and a nylon lock strap that starts from the far side, wraps all the way over, and then gets anchored down so it gives a little bit better hold and ensures that hold stays in place with this anchor strap.

The Bauer Supreme S150 hockey elbow pad also features a moisture-wicking microfiber that is really soft to the touch and has a great feel at this price point, but what’s nice that Bauer is including in their products is the new sanitized anti-odor material. This is a technology that is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process, so it is not applied post-production with the spray and is directly embedded in the material. It prevents odor-causing microbes from pouring, so it keeps you smelling fresher longer. It has an anatomical fit, which means it fits nicely, close, and snugly to the body.

2. STX Stallion HPR 1.2 Junior Hockey Elbow Pad

best STX pads

The STX Stallion HPR 1.2 is a three-piece elbow pad with nylon straps to give a hockey player good mobility. As far as protection goes, it is going to be a full-injected plastic construction, but the cool thing is that it is segmented all the way throughout, unlike most of the other elbow pads at this price point. So not only does it give you a better anatomical fit, but it is a little bit more mobile as well. It is going to be totally lined with thick, medium-density foam on the outside, but the inside has a nice thick layer, and that’s what gives you that nice level of comfort.

Its elbow cap is a one-piece, even though it looks like a two-piece, and it has a little bit of foam over it as well, but that is injected plastic, so it does a great job of dissipating that impact energy to keep you well protected out there on the rink. Into the forearm, there is a plastic hinged guard that gives you that better fit and a little bit more mobility too. For the strapping, the STX using their 360 straps on their opening price point is one of the more adaptable anchor straps in the game today, as you can lock it down for an extremely tight fit, and then it does have a little flap that makes pulling the strap soft extremely easy. This is very comfortable, and it really helps to prevent pinching.

3. CCM JetSpeed FT350 Youth Elbow Pad

best CCM hockey elbow pads

The CCM JetSpeed FT350 hockey elbow pads feature a one-piece construction that means one internal liner goes into the bicep guard as well as an injected cap with medium-density foam for protection in the bicep. The cap has an injected plastic piece with JDP technology, which is the unique design of the cap itself that helps to push and mitigate impact energy away from the joint and into the pad, where it can be absorbed for better protection. The cap extends all the way to the bottom of the forearm, giving complete coverage that is vented for better breathability as well.

There are plastic inserts containing medium-density foam, which help provide better slash protection. This CCM elbow pad has a 1.5-inch elastic strap for the bicep and a 1-inch Y cross mid strap, which is super easy to use. It has a really nice anatomical fit that lets your elbow sit deep into it, giving you a nice fit and feel. It is just overall an easy, simple, and low-profile elbow pad that is slimmer and a little bit more mobile.

4. Warrior Alpha QX5 Senior Hockey Elbow Pad

best Warrior elbow pads

Like other competitors, the Warrior Alpha QX5 elbow pad also comes in a one-piece design, but it still gives you a pretty decent amount of mobility. It uses medium-density foam in the forearm guard as well as the bicep for maximum protection. The forearm has a thick layer of foam that is a little bit thinner at the top, but it still has a good level of thickness to it to provide that entry-level protection. It features molded, injected plastic that has a very anatomical shape; therefore, it allows your elbow to sit deep into the elbow pocket, so you get that nice fit.

For the strapping, it features two-inch elastic straps for the forearm as well as the bicep, and then there is a crossing one-inch elastic strap as well. However, a very basic moisture-wicking microfiber liner is used in this shoulder pad, but it has a nice soft touch to it; therefore, it is nice, comfortable, and helps to wick away the moisture, keeping you nice and dry while playing hockey. It allows a hockey player to have an anatomical fit, so it fits nice and snugly, giving a nice contour, fit, and feel.

5. Tour Code Activ Hockey Elbow Pad

best tour code pads

The Tour Code Activ hockey elbow pad has a one-piece design, but it does have two hinge points. For protection, it uses dual-density foams throughout the bicep guard, into the elbow cap, as well as the forearm guard. There is a microfiber liner that is really soft to the touch and helps wick away moisture. Into the strapping system, the Tour Code Activ hockey elbow pad features a two-piece trapping system—one strap on the forearm as well as one on the bicep guard—and it uses a neoprene material to help give you that comprehensive hole. This is really a good choice for a hockey elbow pad at this price point. It is recommended for entry-level hockey players.

6. Easton EQ Pro Senior Hockey Elbow Pad

best Easton hockey pad

The Easton Pro elbow pad is for those hockey players who want a lot of protection and are going to be grinding in the corners and getting some physical activity. So it is going to provide a lot of really good protection with its one-piece construction. It has one good hinge point up at the top, so you will get some good mobility out of this pad. At the top of the bicep guard, there is one big plastic insert that runs from the front to the back, covering a vast majority of the outside of the arms. Therefore, you can expect some really good protection from this elbow pad.

It consists of nice high-density foam in the back and a little bit of medium-density foam, so you almost get incomplete 360-degree protection and coverage. In the upper bicep at the forearm guard, there is a big plastic insert with some medium- and high-density foams on the inside, which provide good protection from the slashes, or maybe taking a puck off the forearm. This could really save you in the long run. The NHL and all the other lower leagues have shown that its cap with a foam tip is really nice and hard. This is going to really help disperse a lot of the energy from a hard hit and help protect your competitor as well as yourself.

7. Sherwood True Touch T120 Senior Elbow Pad

best Sherwood hockey pads

The Sherwood True Touch T120 features perforated, firm, medium-density foams along the edges of the elbow pad, which provide a good amount of breathability as well as comfort to the player while providing a little bit of protection. There is a molded plastic insert that is pretty nice, and the firm provides solid protection. It has an elbow cap along the sides and towards the forearm. Additionally, on the elbow cap, ED Evie foam is usually found in helmets, but Sherwood brought that impact protection and dispersion into the elbow cap to provide a good amount of protection for both you and other players out there on the rink.  The T120 features a three-strap design with a neoprene

Now in the bicep, a bicep guard is attached by hinge design, giving good flexibility. This uses a two-piece design, so it has a separate piece extending along the side of the elbow and a piece that wraps around the backside. It uses firm medium-density foams topped with plastic inserts, which provide the perfect amount of protection and flexibility in the forearm against slashes, pucks, or anything else that might come your way during a hockey game. There is a soft-to-the-touch moisture-wicking microfiber liner inside, and comfort foams can make it extra cozy. These comfort foams are also perforated, providing breathability and keeping you cool out there on the rink. It also has a nice deep elbow pocket to ensure that there is no slippage and your elbow stays right in place throughout the game.

Hockey Elbow Pads Size Chart

To guarantee protection and comfort, pick a suitable size. This simple hockey elbow pad sizing chart will help you discover the right fit:

Measure Your Arm: Before using the sizing chart, measure your elbow joint circumference. Use a flexible tape measure or thread to measure against a ruler.

Check the size chart: Different brands’ sizes may vary, so always check the manufacturer’s chart. Adult sizes may follow this basic guideline:

Small: Fits 9–10-inch
Medium: Fits 10–11-inch
Large: For 11–12-inch
X-Large: For 12–13-inch
Sizes for young players may include:

Youth Small: Fits 6-7-inch
Youth Medium: For 7-8-inch
Youth Large: For 8–9-inch

Try Them Out: If possible, test elbow pads before buying. Make sure they cover well and don’t impede mobility.

Final Verdict

We sign off with the hope that our list of the above-reviewed hockey elbow pads might help you in selecting the best hockey elbow pads for great comfort and protection. So if you still have questions or concerns regarding hockey elbow pads, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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