Adidas is well-known for making some of the best field hockey turf shoes on the market right now. Their turf cleats are very comfortable and made of long-lasting materials like synthetic and cotton fibers.

Also, they have laces, which makes them good for players who like a snug fit. The mesh and synthetic materials used to make the top are breathable and let air flow around your feet.

These shoes also come with a molded ankle collar that gives you extra protection. Here, we’ll show you the 6 best Adidas field hockey turf shoes that are good for professional hockey games and are priced fairly.

Best Adidas Field Hockey Turf Shoes

Adidas Field Hockey Turf Shoes

ModelOuter MaterialSole MaterialColorPrice
adidas Zone DOXSyntheticRubberBlack/OrangeSee Price
adidas Divox 1.9SRecycledEVA, RubberNavy/GreenSee Price
adidas Fabela RiseSyntheticRubberNavy/ Orange/GreySee Price
adidas FlexcloudRecycledLugged RubberBlack/WhiteSee Price
adidas Lux 2.2SSyntheticLugged RubberBlack/WhiteSee Price
Adidas Adipower 2.1SyntheticRubberRed/BlackSee Price

1. Adidas Zone DOX Field Hockey Turf Cleats

Adidas Zone DOX Field Hockey Shoes

The Adidas Zone DOX turf shoes have a flex pro forefoot design that lets you make quick cuts and turns without having to worry about losing your balance.

Designed to maximize both speed and agility. They have an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole that cushions your feet and a lug rubber outsole that gives you the best grip possible.

In addition to being light, the tongue and collar are cushioned for a snug but comfortable fit. Also, they have a mesh top and inlays that make it easy for air to flow through the shoe.

A sock inside the shoe keeps the foot cool and dry while playing high-pressure games.

2. Adidas Men’s Divox 1.9S Hockey ShoeAdidas Men's Divox 1.9S Hockey Shoe

The outsole of the Adidas Men’s Divox 1.9S hockey shoes is made with Traxion grip technology. This technology combines a rotation zone and a stabilization zone to give you the best grip possible.

These shoes are designed specifically for hockey players. Their design makes them both light and strong, and the addition of welded foil overlays makes them even more durable.

The unique Stabilization band on these shoes helps keep the midfoot in position, which provides additional support. Their upper also lets air through, which makes it easier for players to keep a commanding presence out on the field.

EVA that makes up the midsole helps to cushion your foot when you step into the shoe. These Adidas hockey shoes are made to make it as easy and comfortable as possible to switch from skating to shooting.

3. Adidas Women’s Fabela Rise ShoesAdidas Women's Fabela Rise Hockey Shoes

These Adidas hockey cleats have a mesh top with synthetic overlays that are designed to keep water out while also providing protection from impacts. In addition to this, they are equipped with a lugged rubber outsole, which provides exceptional grip.

Both of these characteristics contribute to the player’s outstanding performance out on the field. They provide the ideal amount of cushioning, and they look fantastic thanks to a vibrant color scheme.

This is an exceptional pair of Adidas sneakers for women who play field hockey on a casual or serious level and need to remain on the court while tackling opponents and defending their goals.

4. Adidas Flexcloud Field Hockey ShoesAdidas Flexcloud Field Hockey Shoes

While you’re out on the court, the Adidas Flexcloud sneakers are intended to give you the highest level of comfort and support. These turf cleats also come with a TPU toe cover that offers extra protection in case of an accident.

The Cloudfoam midsole, which is manufactured from recyclable materials, has a cushioning effect that is both soft and firm, and it absorbs impact forces when the heel contacts the ground.

This energy is then transferred to the wearer in order to drive them ahead. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors, including black and white, and include a special pivot point that is unique to them.

The mesh top of these shoes is constructed with high-performance recyclable materials, and it has foil overlays that provide additional support and ventilation for the foot.

5. Adidas Lux 2.2S Field Hockey ShoesAdidas Lux 2.2S Field Hockey Shoes

The Adidas Lux 2.2S turf shoes are built with a focus on minimizing weight while maximizing comfort and performance. They have a breathable mesh top and are equipped with Adidas’s Lightstrike technology in the midsole.

Also, they are water resistant and dry out quickly, plus they include a neoprene toe box and an inside foot cage to provide additional comfort.

Because this model also includes a recycling program, at least fifty percent of the material in these products is recycled. Suitable for junior and women players who are just starting out playing field hockey.

6. Adidas Adipower 2.1 Hockey ShoeAdidas Adipower 2.1 Hockey Shoe

This pair of boots is light and dries quickly. The upper is made of mesh, which lets air flow through the shoe. Because of these things, the shoe is great for athletes.

They use a technology called Geofit, which uses foam Sensepods in the heel to keep your foot stable. The outsole and midsole of this shoe are both made from materials that can be reused.

Their outsole has more than one way to keep you from slipping. In addition, they are made of materials that can be recycled and have a flexible cushioning system called Bounce.

The vibrating design of these shoes is a trademark of the company, and they come in sizes that work for both adults and children.

Adidas Field Hockey Shoe Size Chart

It’s important to keep in mind that Adidas hockey shoes don’t just come in one size that fits all feet.

This is because each player has different needs. Before deciding what kind of footwear you need, you should think about how tall and heavy you are.

For example, a player who wears a bigger size would need a shoe that gives more support. On the other hand, a lighter player won’t need to be as stable when they play.

The following size chart will help you out in selecting the right pair of Adidas field hockey turf cleats for your feet;

Adidas Field Hockey Shoes Size Chart

Final Words

Wrapping up our thoughts on buying the best Adidas field hockey turf cleats, we will say again to remember two important things.

First, the turf shoes must fit properly. You will want your shoes to fit well and allow enough room for your toes. As you might hurt yourself or another player if they don’t fit, so buy the right pair.

Second, Adidas field hockey shoes should be comfortable. A good pair should be cushioned so players can concentrate on the game. Don’t spend too much on uncomfortable shoes.

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