When you’re looking for the best women’s field hockey shoes, there are a few important things you should keep in mind. To move forward with research, the first thing that needs to be done is to get some traction.

If you wear shoes with a good grip, it will be easier for you to keep control of the ball and you will be able to move faster.

Find a pair of shoes that are both light and comfortable so you can walk a long way in them. We are lucky to have a lot of options to choose from.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll talk about the top field hockey sneakers for women on the market right now. These cleats will last for a long time and are comfortable. They are also not too expensive.

Best Women's Field Hockey Shoes

Best Women’s Field Hockey Shoes

ModelOuter Material Sole Material ColorPrice
Adidas DivoxSyntheticEVA, RubberGreen/BlackSee Price
ASICS Gel-Hockey NeoManmadeRubberPurpleSee Price
PUMA Vikky FMMeshRubberGray VioletSee Price
Gryphon Aero G4Rubber/MeshRubberBlackSee Price
Adidas Fabela X EmpowerSyntheticTPUNavy/BlackSee Price
Mizuno Ambition 2BlendRubberWhite/BlackSee Price
Grays RaidSyntheticRubberNavy/PinkSee Price
Osaka KaiFaux LeatherRubberBlackSee Price
Mizuno Wave PantheraSyntheticSyntheticBlue/WhiteSee Price
Grays Burner ProMeshSyntheticFluo YellowSee Price

1. Adidas Divox Women’s Field Hockey ShoesAdidas Divox Women's Field Hockey Shoes

These Adidas Divox shoes provide outstanding cushioning and grip, making them an excellent choice for a game. These shoes have a synthetic upper with a lace-up clasp and were designed to be used on grass surfaces.

In addition to providing shock absorption and durability, the midsole is made of EVA, and the lug rubber outsole is designed to prevent slipping and sliding.

Also, the rubber spikes on the bottoms of the shoes provide grip and assist female field hockey athletes in bettering their movement when they are playing.

The flexible construction makes it easier for sportswomen to keep their balance during intense competition.

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-HocKey Neo Field Hockey Shoe

ASICS Gel-HocKey Neo Women's Field Hockey Shoes

This ASICS Neo Gel has the style of hockey shoe without losing the comfort and safety of a traditional women’s hockey shoe.

The GEL cushioning systems in the shoe’s forefoot and backfoot help absorb shock and give stability on the sides, respectively.

It also has Raised Gradient Heels, which relieve pressure on the lower legs. Featuring a PGuard toe guard, an engineered mesh upper, and a tough rubber sole.

This shoe’s top is made of an engineered mesh. The cushioned material that covers the midsole gives comfort that lasts all day.

Simply made to work well on hard ground, like that found in indoor and outdoor halls.

3. PUMA Women’s Vikky Mesh FM Field Hockey Shoes

PUMA Women's Vikky Mesh FM Field Hockey Shoes

The PUMA Vikky mesh FM shoes are one of the best choices for females who play field hockey and want a pair of cleats that will give them the best comfort and performance.

These sneakers are a great choice. This model has a unique design that makes it possible for players to speed up quickly while still giving them a great grip on artificial surfaces.

It also has a low-profile midsole, which makes it easy to keep a high rate of speed and accuracy while controlling the ball.

4. Gryphon Aero G4 Female Turf Field Hockey Shoe

Gryphon Aero G4 Women's Field Hockey Shoes

Cushioned, flexible, and lightweight, the Gryphon Aero G4 field hockey shoe is designed specifically for women who play field hockey.

It provides better traction on a wide range of surfaces and is designed to improve both your speed and your agility.

Furthermore, it boasts a cushioned collar and sole, which provide additional comfort and traction respectively.

This model is the improved version of the Aero G3, which was previously available. It comes in a variety of sizes so that it may fit any foot size.

The multi-stud design of the grip sole provides superior traction when used on the field.

5. Adidas Fabela X Empower Women’s Hockey Cleats

Adidas Fabela X Empower Women's Hockey Cleats

The Adidas Fabela X Empower hockey shoes for women are made to offer responsive cushioning and keep your feet from getting tired.

These goals were met by building the shoe with cutting-edge technologies like the Boost (TM) cushioning system.

They also look like socks, which makes them fit snugly, and have a lightweight TPU outsole that helps with grip.

The ripstop upper won’t let water in and molds to the shape of the foot for more comfort.

Because the shoe’s woven shell is made of a very durable synthetic material, you can expect it to last for a very long time.

6. Mizuno Women’s Ambition 2 All Surface Low Turf Shoe

Mizuno Women's Ambition 2 All Surface Low Turf Shoes

The Mizuno Women’s Ambition-2 is a versatile turf shoe that offers excellent technology and features. This shoe is great for both indoor and outdoor play.

In addition to being versatile, it features a high-density multi-directional stud configuration that maximizes traction and stability.

Mizuno Ambition 2 women’s hockey sneakers feature exceptional grip and power on all surfaces. These shoes function on artificial turf, grass, and indoor surfaces.

The midsole runs through the shoe. It gives players to grip and strength. A shoe’s cushioning system provides comfort and support.

7. Grays Raid Senior Women’s Field Hockey Shoes

Grays Raid Senior Women Field Hockey Shoes

The Grays Raid shoes are great for all women’s field hockey players. Their lightweight, waterproof construction and unique outsole grip contribute to comfort.

The “Aggressive Traction System” outsole combines geometry and rubber to deliver maximum grip on any surface.

These sneakers’ EVA Performance midsole provides excellent energy return. The shoes’ padding will protect and support your foot.

They’re made of abrasion- and tear-resistant ripstop fabric. In addition to these great features, they also feature a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

8. Osaka Kai Women’s Field Hockey Turf Shoe

Osaka Kai Women's Field Hockey Shoes

The Osaka Kai is a shoe that was made with the female field hockey player in mind. Being lightweight yet sturdy and breathable.

It has smart cribbing and geometry on the sole, and the cleats are set up in a more advanced way. Also, it has a full-length outsole that is made of one piece.

This shoe can be used on a variety of surfaces, like concrete, asphalt, ice, and grass. The ‘O’ spot, which is under the cuboid bone, is also on the shoe.

This part of the foot can bend without the rest of the foot, which makes it an important part of the shoe that helps with agility, speed, and slowing down.

The shoe also has a full-contact outsole that helps you stop quickly.

9. Mizuno Wave Panthera Female Hockey Shoes

Mizuno Wave Panthera Women's Field Hockey Shoes

Those female field hockey players who move quickly and want stability and cushioning will find that the Mizuno Wave Panthera is the ideal shoe for them to wear.

The cushioned wall and lightweight construction of the molded outsole material contribute to the shoe’s overall level of comfort.

In addition, the shoes make use of Mizuno Wave technology, which cushions the foot in a dynamic manner.

The Wave Panthera’s outsole is made of X-10 rubber, which gives it good control and enables it to accelerate quickly.

10. Grays Burner Pro Women’s Field Hockey Shoes

Grays Burner Pro Women's Field Hockey Shoes

The Grays Burner Pro is the next evolution of the Burner. This model is made to perform well and has an improved All Surface Grip sole with more studs around the edges for better grip when turning.

The upper has been changed to make it look smoother. Also, the Burner Pro hockey shoe for women has key flex grooves that help the player move quickly and sharply.

The ultra-soft memory foam and the TPU counter that is built right into the product make it soft and comfortable.

How Long Does Women’s Field Hockey Shoes Last?

It totally depends on your spending on buying the shoes and how you use them. The more you spend money, the more you can expect overall great quality and long-term performance. A good pair of female hockey shoes should last for a couple of seasons.

How Much Do Women’s Field Hockey Shoes Cost?

The prices vary from brand to brand. The prices for good quality shoes offered by top brands of women’s hockey shoes such as Asics, Adidas, Puma, etc. start from $60-$350 and above. Whereas, you can get unbranded ladies’ hockey shoes in a price range of $40-$150 bucks.

Women’s Field Hockey Shoes Sizing

It’s essential to know the size of your foot before going out and purchasing a pair of field hockey shoes. This will ensure that your shoe fits properly, as well as prevent blisters from forming on your feet. Have a look at the following size chart for your reference;

Women's Field Hockey Shoes

Final Words

Concluding our review on choosing the best hockey shoes for women whether they are beginner or professional players, we must say again, go with a pair of cleats that are particularly made for this sport.

They should provide a sufficient level of comfort, flexibility, and stability in the long run. And most importantly, they don’t break the bank so everyone can benefit from these shoes.

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