If you’re playing field hockey indoors, use sticks that are made for that sport. These indoor field hockey sticks are usually shorter, thinner, and lighter than those used outdoors.

Also, they are harder and more uniform in how hard they are. Keep in mind that the ball you’ll be using is much smaller and won’t bounce nearly as far.

You can buy sticks in many different sizes and shapes in stores and online. Before you choose an indoor field hockey stick, you should look at its length, weight, and brand to figure out how useful it is.

Some of them are made of wood, and others are made of a composite material that looks like fiberglass.

This article reviews the best 10 indoor field hockey sticks for juniors, seniors, and everyone in between. Let’s compare them to find which one is superior.

Best Indoor Field Hockey Sticks

Best Indoor Field Hockey Sticks

Stick ModelBow TypeMaterialSizePrice
TK2.5 Indoor StickLow BowCarbon/Kevlar/Fiberglass35.5, 36.5, 37.5See Price
Adidas Estro 6Mid BowWood32, 34, 35, 36.5..See Price
STX IX 401Low BowCarbon/Fiberglass34, 35, 36.5..See Price
Grays GTI6000Mid BowFiberglass/Carbon36.5, 37.5See Price
Kookaburra InflictMid BowWood37.5See Price
Harrow Simba 700Low BowCarbon/Kevlar/Fiberglass35.5, 36.5, 37.5See Price
TK M SeriesRegular BowFiberglass28, 30, 32...See Price
Gryphon Taboo Striker D-IIILow BowCarbon Aramid36.5, 37.5See Price
Dita MegaPro C80X BowHout36.5, 37.5See Price
Adidas Exemplar 4Mid BowFiberglass36.5, 37.5See Price

1. TK2.5 Indoor Field Hockey Stick

TK2.5 Indoor Hockey Stick

This TK2.5 low bow stick feels well, has good power, and lasts long. Its blend of carbon, kevlar, and fiberglass construction makes a light, strong, powerful stick.

The low bow assists with drag-flicking and elevating the ball. This stick’s head is flat and circular. Setup-wise, players have a big shooting area.

Its head is toe- and heel-bent. Curled, pointed, or flat toes provide players with varied benefits. The scoop, a groove in the head of the stick that is 2 millimeters deep and helps players control and cradle the ball, is another helpful feature.

This stick is meant for experienced field hockey players who seek greater flexibility and feel during playing games indoors.

2. Adidas Estro 6 Wooden Indoor Field Hockey Stick

Adidas Estro 6 Wooden Indoor Field Hockey Stick

The Adidas Estro 6 is an indoor field hockey stick for beginners that works well for players of all skill levels. It has the popular black-and-white color scheme.

It’s made of wood all the way through, which gives it a smooth feel and makes it easier to catch and pass the ball.

On this stick, there is a high-performance tri-axial weave, a very late bow, and a wood shaft with a mid-bow.

Its blades are both light and strong, and the reverse edge is especially thick, which makes it easier to control with the backhand. By using this stick, you can improve your ability to drag-flick and play in 3D.

3. STX Field Hockey IX 401 Indoor Stick

STX Field Hockey IX 401 Indoor Stick

When considering its cost, the STX IX 401 Indoor stick offers an excellent value. Countervail technology, which reduces stick vibration, is included with this particular stick.

Power Core technology offers the best possible equilibrium and is a characteristic that is popular among top players. In addition to that, it was developed with the best field hockey players in mind.

Because of its lightweight construction, it is also ideal for playing indoors. This stick is not only very light, but it is also very strong.

Also, it is very comfortable to hold and use. The iX 401 is a great choice for those who want the most speed, accuracy, and lift. So get out there and play!

4. Grays GTi6000 Jumbow Indoor Field Hockey Stick

Grays GTi6000 Jumbow Indoor Stick

Grays GTi6000 Jumbow looks and operates well. It includes a low bow for drag flicking and an improved zone to increase backhand play.

Its stick form is between a low and mid-bow. It’s a terrific stick for attackers and defenders since it makes 3D skills simpler.

This stick is ideal for all circumstances and costs roughly $200. Carbon and Kevlar construction provides stick durability.

The 610-gram stick won’t make it tougher to play. You’ll make better plays. If you’re just starting out, utilize this indoor field hockey stick as a basis.

5. Kookaburra Inflict Indoor Hockey Stick

Grays GTi6000 Jumbow Indoor Field Hockey Stick

The Inflict is part of a small group of indoor hockey sticks made by Kookaburra that are made for players with different levels of skill.

It has a Gravitate shape that is more streamlined and an extra-late bow, both of which help reduce ball spin and increase grip.

The stick’s power and speed are also increased because the blade is made of a stiff Kevlar composite. This is a very popular field hockey stick that is used by the best players.

It’s finished with a bright orange color. It’s a versatile stick with a wide back edge that makes it easy to control with your backhand.

6. Harrow Simba 700 Indoor Field Hockey Stick

Harrow Simba 700 Indoor Stick

The Harrow Simba 700 is made of carbon, fiberglass, and aramid, all high-quality composites. It’s firm yet not bulky.

Its low bow and sweeping contour make it perfect for dribbling. A smaller shaft and head make it quicker and more enjoyable to play.

This stick incorporates traction control and cushioned handles, making it excellent for beginners and pros.

It provides the player with more ball control and enables them to retain it longer. 510 grams, therefore it’s a light front-mounted weapon.

7. TK M Series Junior Indoor Field Hockey Stick

TK M Series Junior Indoor Field Hockey Stick

This TK M Series adult field hockey stick includes a flat face, rounded grip, and thick shaft. The stick’s lightweight and maneuverability make it ideal for younger players.

The TK M Series stick is made of polymer composite, which makes it flexible and durable. Its unique head shape facilitates precise and efficient shots.

As with all hockey sticks, the TK M Series hockey stick is made to last and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

8. Gryphon Taboo Striker D-III Indoor Stick

Gryphon Taboo Striker D-III Indoor Stick

The Gryphon Taboo Striker D-III stick improves attacking ability. Its layout allows precise precision, giving it great power.

A cone-shaped head and tapered shaft assist in aggressive playing. This stick’s power, control, and drag-flicking abilities may assist experienced indoor hockey players.

Light and sturdy, this material. Its carbon aramid composite construction is a masterpiece.

The Gryphon cushion grip’s dimples increase its impact resistance. This grip makes accurate passes and strokes and won’t crack or break.

9. Dita MegaPro C80 Indoor Field Hockey Stick

Dita MegaPro C80 Indoor Field Hockey StickThe Dita MegaPro C80 is designed for technical players. Dita’s Power-Hook gives maximum power and control.

Made with the finest available Hout/wood. Its 25mm X-Bow emphasizes ball speed, while the soft-touch handle and Vibrastop foam layer provide comfort.

At under $100, it’s an excellent value. It has a large sweet spot for power strokes and reverses stick plays.

The stick’s speed and accuracy are unaffected. Upfield aerials are also helpful.

10. Adidas Exemplar 4 Indoor Hockey Stick

Adidas Exemplar 4 Indoor Hockey Stick

The Adidas Exemplar 4 stick is best for playing field hockey indoors because it lets the player keep the ball closer to their body.

It’s a beginner’s stick, but for what it is, it’s a great value and performs well. It’s lighter, thinner, and less likely to get tangled.

The fiberglass shaft comes in many different lengths, including the smaller 32 inches. It gives you more control because it has both a mid-bow and a jumbo toe.

Ultimately, the experience of using the stick is designed to be pleasant and intuitive for the defenders who will be using it.

Choosing Indoor Field Hockey Sticks

  • If you want to buy an indoor field hockey stick, you should know about the different types of sticks sold by different well-known brands.
  • You need to pick a stick that works for your needs so that you may play to the best of your ability.
  • The stick’s weight and how it feels in your hand are both very important. It’s crucial to choose a stick that feels good in your hand and gives you power.
  • You can choose indoor sticks that are light and good for younger players, or you can choose sticks made of composite materials that give the player more power.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Field Hockey Sticks

There are some similarities between the sticks used for indoor and outdoor field hockey, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

An indoor stick’s reduced weight, often constructed of wood or composite materials, and more tapered toe aid in the player’s ability to maintain control of the ball. They are also more controllable since the shaft and handle are slimmer.

However, outdoor sticks tend to be heavier and have thicker toes, making it more difficult to keep control of the ball at higher speeds.

Final Words

We hope you find our brief review of the best sticks for indoor field hockey games useful. We will always recommend you, give yourself some time, go through different aspects of each stick (brand, built quality, overall performance, price, player’s feedback), and then decide which one is going to be your partner on the field. . If you still do have questions, let us know in the comment section below. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

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