Finding hockey referee shin guards is a relatively simple task as compared to shin pads for hockey players. Because there are limited brands of these protective gear such as CCM, Bauer, and Stevens.

These shin guards are made with referees in mind from the very beginning of the design process. The majority of them are designed to be light and flexible, with calf wraps and thigh protectors that can be removed and knee sleeves that may be worn.

They are made with sophisticated fabrics that wick away moisture to provide comfort and protection for you. In this guide, we have put together the top 5 best hockey referee shin pads. Find the one that works best for you.

Best Hockey Referee Shin GuardsTop Hockey Referee Shin Pads

Bauer Official`sBlack/Grey13/14/15See Price
CCM SG100White/Black14/16See Price
Stevens Referee GuardsBlack14/15/16/17See Price
Bauer Osg 1000Black13/14/15/16/17/18See Price
CCM SGREFBlack14/15/16See Price

1. Bauer Official’s Hockey Referee Shin Guard

Bauer Official's Hockey Referee Shin Guard

These are lightweight, low-profile shin guards designed for professional use. They come with thigh protection that can be removed and include a padded calf strap. The shin guards provide protection and are also pleasant and simple to clean.

A vital purchase for any ice hockey official is a set of Bauer shin pads. These guards provide superior protection and comfort.

They also come equipped with the innovative 37.5(TM) technology, which ensures that the wearer will remain warm and dry on the ice even during the most intense moments of the game.

2. CCM SG100 Referee Shin Pads

CCM SG100 Hockey Official's Shin Guards

Amazing shin guards are constructed with premium quality materials to provide the hockey referee with the highest level of protection possible for their shins.

They include a two-strap system that ensures a great fit and has suspension protection that helps strengthen the impact resistance of the product.

This type provides additional protection for the back of your legs by wrapping over your calves and providing protection in addition to suspension protection.

The exterior is made of tough polyester that can withstand a lot of abuse. Because of all of these characteristics, the SG100 is an excellent inexpensive option for hockey referees.

3. Stevens Hockey Referee Shin Guards

Stevens Hockey Referee Shin Guards

These shin guards made by Stevens are a popular choice among officials who serve on ice. Most referees in hockey have expressed satisfaction with both the style and the fit of the protective equipment they wear.

Stirrups that slip under the foot and wrap around the calf are included on these stirrups, and they can be readily withdrawn from the referee’s shin as well.

They have interior foam cushioning and chin protection for increased levels of defense against injury.

4. Bauer Osg 1000 Referee Shin Pads

Bauer Osg 1000 Shin Guards

Shin guards like these are useful for both the game and your practice since they provide protection.

They provide a better fit thanks to the anatomical poly shell and lightweight EPP foam with poly inserts on the calf wrap. Additionally, they provide knee joint protection for a longer period of time.

The anchor strap that runs over the calf and the detachable strapping mechanism on the Bauer Osg 1000 Referee Shin Guards guarantee that the shin guards stay in place even during intense competition.

5. CCM SGREF Hockey Referee Shin Guards

CCM SGREF Hockey Referee Shin Guards

These leg guards are made for all levels of hockey officials. Low-profile and well-padded, these shin guards provide maximum impact protection. Shin guards have a plastic or carbon fiber front plate.

It may look rigid when wrapped around your shin, yet it protects you without restricting your movement. These guards are composed of two components held together by a Velcro strap.

This design offers protection and flexibility, which athletes desperately need. They’re durable and come with a 90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Sizing Hockey Referee Shin Guard

Be careful to take accurate measurements of your legs and feet before going out to buy a new set of hockey shin pads for referees. The majority of referees in hockey are required to wear these when refereeing games.

In order to properly protect your shins, it is essential to choose the appropriate size. If the protective gear is properly tailored to your body, you will be able to continue skating while wearing it.

The objective is to minimize the possibility of major harm in the shortest amount of time possible. Look at the following hockey referee shin guard size chart for your reference;

Hockey Referee Shin Guards

Final Words

Wapping up our thoughts on choosing the best hockey referee shin guards, we will again advise that pay more attention to the safety of your hockey referee so that they stay safe and protected while performing their duties. Well, all of the leg pads reviewed above are well-made and available at very reasonable prices so go and check them out.