It’s the referee’s duty to keep an eye on things and make sure that the game is being played in accordance with the rules. Hockey referees often use flags to signal to players when they commit fouls or make mistakes.

Flags used by hockey linesmen come in a variety of styles, including “icing,” “offside,” “high sticking,” and “hand pass” flags. These are used to assist in the assessment of call penalties and line violations.

If you’re seeking the best hockey referee flags currently available, you’ve come to the right place. The 5 best flags for hockey linemen and referees that are inexpensively available will be covered in this short piece. Amazon and other internet stores sell these flags.

Best Hockey Referee Flags

1. Alomejor Hockey Linesman Flag

Alomejor Hockey Linesman Flag

These vibrant yellow/red colored flags come with high-quality material and a high-quality design. They are an excellent choice for referees to officiate a hockey game.

They can use them from a far distance to easily notify hockey players about a penalty corner and other warnings during a game of hockey. Very cheap yet very important hockey accessory that a lineman/hockey must have.

2. Besportable Sports Referee Flags

Besportable Sports Referee Flags

A set of flags is one of the most important things that a sports referee needs. During a game, they are used to show when a foul, free kick or corner kick has happened. On top of that, these flags are easy to move from one place to another.

These Besportable hockey referee flags are made of sturdy, long-lasting material and were made with the referee in mind.

3. Wondfamiker Hockey Referee Flag Set

Wondfamiker Hockey Referee Flag Set

This set of hockey lineman flags comes with a durable case that can be used to store the flags when they are not in use. During a competition, the flags are easy to spot because they are brightly colored and stand out.

They are connected with a Velcro strap, which is reliable and easy to use. The stainless steel flagpole is both light and strong because of how it is made. A referee might be able to do their job better with the help of the set.

4. Kiwk Goal Premier Linesman Flags

Kiwk Goal Premier Linesman Flags

Another great set of premier flags that are made specifically for hockey linesmen. They are constructed out of nylon, and in addition to highly visible panels, they include a foam handle and a PVC shaft for a tight grip.

These flags may also be bought as a gift for hockey referees among other charming and useful items such as a whistle, lanyard, warning cards, and scorepad.

5. UEFA Hockey Officials’ Flags

UEFA Hockey Officials' Flags

All hockey referees need to have these flags as part of their collection of accessories. Their bright colors make it easy for everyone in the crowd to see when calls are being made. The flags are sold in pairs and come with a bag to carry them.

They also have soft handles that make them easier to carry around. Since a hockey game can be won or lost on a close call, the flags are perfect to use during the game.

Final Words

There you have our top 5 picks for the referees and hockey linemen flags. These flags are ideal for high school and college games.

All of the referee flags on this list meet NHL and NFHS requirements and are usually available in a combination of two colors, yellow and red among others. Go ahead and have one for yourself now.

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