Goalie blockers are an important piece of safety gear for a hockey goalkeeper. They are made to keep the puck away from the net and give the goalie more protection. Many different brands offer this crucial piece of protection for hockey goalies.

Some of the most popular brands are Bauer, CCM, and Warriors. They are known for making good goalie blockers and selling them at reasonable prices.

We’ve put together a list of the top 12 goalie blockers in this guide. Let’s look at them so you can choose the one that’s best for your game and safety needs.

Best Hockey Goalie Blockers

1. CCM AXIS Senior Goalie Blocker

CCM AXIS Senior Goalie Blocker

The CCM AXIS blocker gives good protection while letting the player move freely and has a design that makes it very light.

This goalkeeper blocker for ice hockey is made with CCM’s LiteCore technology, which has already been tested and proven in the company’s Premier series.

It has a better D3O cuff that goes farther over the index finger and protects more. CCM added an open cuff to the back of the blocker, so it now has one. This makes the blocker more comfortable and gives it a full range of motion.

Aside from that, it is made of reinforced Nash synthetic leather, which is the most water-resistant and durable material possible.

2. Franklin SH Pro 2450 Hockey Goalie Blocker

Franklin SH Pro 2450 Hockey Goalie Blocker

This Franklin SH Pro 2450 Goalie Blocking Glove is one of the best choices. It’s made to be strong but not too heavy. The blocker is made of soft leather and has padding on the backhand to protect the whole hand.

It also has a palm that can be taken off, which makes it easy to clean and makes sure it will look great for a long time.

This goalkeeper blocker is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of money to spend because it is less expensive.

3. Bauer Senior 5000 Hockey Blocker

Bauer Senior 5000 Hockey Blocker

The Bauer Senior 5000 Blocker is a high-performance goaltender’s glove that displays elite-level performance at an affordable price.

Because it has a backhand strap rather than a wrist strap, the goaltender is able to have a broader range of motion thanks to this product.

Along with a nash palm liner, it is equipped with a dual-density blocker board, a high-density foam side plate, and a R.O.M Strap for a game-ready fit.

4. MISSION GB SLYDE 1 Goalie Blocker

MISSION GB SLYDE 1 Hockey Goalie Blocker

The pre-curved and break-in design of the MISSION GB Slyde 1 blocker makes it ideal for preventing pucks from moving forward to the goal.

In addition to that, it includes a molded trajectory angled thumb that provides additional protection. The goaltender has the ability to effortlessly adjust the blocker thanks to the twin wrist and hand straps.

This blocker is constructed to maintain the goalie’s game-ready shape for the whole of the game.

5. Mylec MK3 Youth Hockey Goalie Blocker

Mylec MK3 Youth Hockey Goal Blocker

This is a fantastic goalie blocker for street hockey, and the design of the blocker, which has ventilation and is very soft, helps to keep the goaltender’s hand cool, even when they are under pressure.

Additionally, it protects the goalie’s hands by including strengthened palm and finger covers in the design. By managing the puck’s deflection, it will make it easier for you to maintain the puck in the goal.

It will be far more difficult for shooters to get around the goalie’s blocker hand if the blocker is there. Your goaltender will benefit greatly from the purchase of this blocker.

6. Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Goalie Blocker

Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Senior Goalie Blocker

This face-forward goalie blocker has a CoverEDGE+ design that is on the cutting edge. Because of this, you can get the best coverage in the net and catch pucks that other, more traditional designs would miss.

It’s a great choice for senior hockey players who like to play on the blue line and want the best performance possible.

The Warrior Ritual G5 Pro can be changed in any way you want, giving you the best defense possible.

It has a HyperComp pad on the side of the index finger and a thumb piece that wraps around the index finger and can be moved.

The palm piece, which can be taken off, is also fully adjustable, so it can be worn by people with different-sized hands.

7. CCM Extreme Flex 5.9 Goalie Blocker

CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Goalie Blocker

This goaltender blocker offers complete control throughout the whole game despite its lightweight construction and increased feel and balance.

It also has a reduced overall weight. In addition to that, it has a firm sidewall that provides finger protection that is straight and a low-density foam wrap.

In order to provide the goalie with the maximum surface coverage, the sidewall has been segmented.

A PE board that offers the ideal combination of weight and flex is included in the CCM Extreme Flex 5.9 Intermediate goalie blocker.

8. Vaughn Velocity VE8 Youth Hockey Goalie Blocker

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Youth Hockey Goalkeeper Blocker

This youth hockey goalie blocker is a great beginner goalie blocker because it is comfortable and light. It’s a blocker for the goalie that is used in ice hockey. The palm of this blocker is made in a way that makes it easier to pick up sticks.

Designed to make it easier for youth goalies to pick up their sticks after they’ve been dropped, which is a common problem for these players.

The VE8 kid blocker also protects all of the goalie’s fingers and has a shaped wrist cuff that is meant to keep the goalie’s hand out of the way while they play.

It also has a VX suede palm, which is comfortable, easy to control, and gives a good grip. A lace-down board and finger protectors made of high-density material are also included. The Vaughn Velocity ve8 goalie blocker is 6 3/4″ x 13″.

9. Bauer S20 Supreme UltraSonic Goalie Blocker

Bauer S20 Supreme UltraSonic Goalkeeper Blocker

The Bauer S20 UltraSonic blocker is made with materials that use the Coefficient of Restitution Technology (CORTech).

This material helps keep pucks from hitting the goalie, giving him more time to get back on his feet after being hit.

It also has a design that wraps around the hand and is both firm and responsive. This helps him keep control of the puck.

In addition, the S20 Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Goalie Blocker is now much easier to move around. There is an angle of 125 degrees there.

It also has more protection on the sidewalls and a wider pocket for the skate laces than its predecessor. Also, it is lighter than its predecessor.

10. Road Warrior PTG+ Street Hockey Goalie Blocker

Road Warrior PTG+ Street Hockey Goalie Blocker

This Road Warrior PTG+ goalie blocker has padding made of dense foam. The thighs and calves are protected by this padding.

It also has a soft palm that makes it more comfortable and easy to use. Both its toughness and its resistance to damage are exceptional.

The Road Warrior PTG+ blocker comes in different colors so you can choose one that you like. It’s made of strong material and can take more than one hit without breaking.

A player who is seeking a superb goaltender should give serious consideration to purchasing the Road Warrior PTG+ street hockey goalie blocker.

11. CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Hockey Goalie Blocker

CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Hockey Goalie Blocker

The CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 goalie blocker is made without binding on the front face so that the blocking area is bigger and the blocker lasts longer.

This glove is also centered on the palm of the hand and has an embossed synthetic palm grip. The Extreme Flex 3.5 also has a mesh palm gusset that lets air in and a palm guard that is more durable.

The cuff can also be changed, and there is a Velcro attachment next to the sideboard. The cuff of the glove can be loosened or tightened so that it fits better.

12. Warrior GT2 PRO Hockey Goalie Blockers

Warrior GT2 PRO Goaltender Blocker

The blocker is made with CoverEDGE+ technology, which lets it cover the most area possible. It features a design that has the face facing forward which increases the speed of the rebound and makes it more predictable.

Additionally, it’s made of very light, high-quality materials. It has a simple design and a palm that can be adjusted.

The contoured shape of the GT2 PRO hockey goalie blocker is great for players who want the most protection possible.

During their careers, many professional goalkeepers have used this blocker. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a good blocker at a fair price.

Buying Hockey Goalie Blockers

When choosing a new goalie blocker for hockey, it’s important to think about both its size and its style. When it comes to the overall size, the dimensions should be about half an inch bigger than the size of the player’s hand.

If the blocker is too big, the player won’t be able to keep good control of their stick and won’t be able to play well. In the same way, a shooter will find it hard to keep control of a blocker that is too small.

The blockers are made by layering the foam many times. Some of them have thin backs and thick sleeves, while others have thicker backs. Both designs offer about the same amount of protection, but the puck hits the different foam layers in different ways.

There are also different kinds of palms for goalies to choose from. Each palm will wear down in a different way and feel different when you hold it. Most blocks have binding all the way around the perimeter board, but there are some models that don’t have binding.

Hockey Goalie Blockers Size Chart

Hockey Goalie Blockers Size Chart

How Long Does A Goalie Blocker Last?

They ought to last for a long time. Also, how long your blocker lasts depends on how often you play, how well you take care of it, and what it’s made of.

How fast your blocker wears out is affected by how hard the shot is. Blockers don’t last as long when sweat and sticky tape get on them.

How Much Does A Goalie Blocker Cost?

The goalie blockers come in different price ranges depending on the level of protection you want. A quality goalie blocker will cost between $70 and $450.

Final Words

This is a quick summary of what we think are the best goalie blockers for hockey players. Again, these are square pieces of safety gear that goaltenders wear.

They protect the goalie’s hand by giving his fingers some padding. These blockers are made to make it easier for the goalie to hold on to the stick and move it around.

The goalie’s hand and forearm are safe because of the blocker and hand padding. So, all hockey goalies, whether they are juniors or seniors, must have this gear.

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