In this review, we’re gonna briefly discuss the key features of Easton S17 hockey stick. The Easton has been really pushing the envelope of stick technology for years and this stick certainly is no exception.

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Easton S17 Hockey Stick Review

The Easton S17 is a compression molded sick offering a lightweight feel and giving you the even flex.

Moving down you’ll notice the most noticeable feature on this stick is the elliptical shape to your bottom. This is a new feature that Easton has been putting out and it really gives you a nice torque to your shots making it give you an exceptional feel as well as giving you pinpoint accuracy.

This blade is micro ribbed and that’s basically you see there little weavings move up through the blade into the shaft as well as having a micro bladder which essentially is the foam piecing at the top and the bottom leaving a space in between the materials in the middle and this gives you a nice even feel to it and a soft puck handling.

The S17 hockey stick has a nice feel, it has the rounded corners but still square feel to it. Also, the concave walls to fit nicely in your hands. It comes in the grip version same features just with that grip coating on the outside.

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