In this guide, we are going to look at the new CCM Tacks 910 helmet. Obviously, it comes in both cage combo and the helmet-only version so every player can take advantage of it.

CCM Tacks 910 Helmet

CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet


The CCM Tacks 910 hockey helmet features a two-piece construction, it’s super well ventilated, has decent 3d graphics up at the front, and just the little accents that you find all the way throughout.

Side-Impact Frame

They went ahead and upgraded it with their side-impact frame this year. Through a bunch of tests, they noticed that there’s room for improvement for the side impacts so that’s why you will see a different latch style design this year.

They reinforced this section to provide ultimate protection all the way around the head without having to compromise your adjustability. So these tool-less flaps allow you to adjust them front to back to find that perfect customized fit!


It’s probably our favorite liner in terms of comfort as well as technology, especially at this price point. They did just a stellar job this year so starting us off with the base, we can see a dual-density material this really helps to manage high and low energy impacts.

Also, there’s a smooth contour pro up at the front. It’s velvety smooth soft very comfortable and helps provide you with that really nice locked-in feel without compromising comfort at all.

We have their innovative IQ cushion gel liner that sits on top of the head and this is a very soft texture as well.

Fluid Inside

Now into the super exciting technology is the new fluid inside. This is a liquid-filled pod matrix that protects you from all types of hits. Not just the ones that are straight on the lower energy high energy impacts really helping to protect from all sorts of dynamic hits.

Because as we know hockey is a crazy sport that we all love and you just want to make sure you’re protected from everything from every angle.

D3O Smart Foam

The d3o smart foam is the most protective foam that CCM uses in their helmets today. If you’re not familiar with d3o, it is a non-newtonian foam that essentially feels really soft.

But upon impact when it senses that impact, it locks up and does an extremely good job of absorbing that impact and preventing it from traveling through the helmet to your head keeping you protected from those super big hits and blindside hits that’s why they use it in the temples as well as the back of the head.

Occipital Guard

There is an adjustable kind of a free-floating occipital guard that helps to lock in the helmet below that occipital bone on your head so it does float a little bit to make sure that the helmet stays locked in all game long.


As we mentioned, it’s very well ventilated so ideal for an ice hockey player who sweats a lot out there very appreciative of that! The moisture channels all the way throughout help to push that moisture out and keep it out of your eyes so you can stay cool and dry all game long.

Fit Profile

For the fit profile, we would call this a round fit so unlike some of the other helmets that have that oval shape really ideal for those players that have more of that round head shape.

For players who are looking for the cage combo, we will recommend them to have the FM 780. This is a thin alloy cage design so with that thin bar, it allows you to get maximum on ice on rink vision without compromising any protection from slashes and pucks.

Chin Guard

It has a super plush and comfortable chin guard that almost feels like they use some of that smooth contour padding in the chin cup because it feels incredible on the chin. Again there are moisture channels helping to just allow that moisture to escape out of the chin cup.

But more importantly, we see more of that d3o foam in the chin cap so if you do take a big hit there, you’re even protected on your chin this year too!

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