A roller hockey puck is an essential component of the game, and a great way to practice during the off-season. These are designed for speed, smoothness, and durability. Also, they are easy to handle and are great for both on-ice and off-ice use. If you’re looking for the best roller hockey pucks, have a look at these handfuls of top roller hockey pucks that are affordable and ideal for professional as well as recreational games.

Best Roller Hockey Pucks

Cool Inline Roller Hockey Pucks

Brand/ModelMaterialWeight (Oz)ColorPrice
MylecNylon, Plastic3.9Red/Black/Orange..See Price
IDS ProShotPVC3.4BlackSee Price
TronX S10PVC3.6Yellow/Black/Pink..See Price
Franklin Sports X3Rubber, Plastic3.2GreenSee Price
Proguard ProPuckRubber3.5Black/YellowSee Price
Green BiscuitPlastic4..3PinkSee Price
Petit ManonNylon, PVC3.5OrangeSee Price

1. Mylec Roller Hockey Puck

Mylec Roller Hockey Puck

This puck is a great accessory to get into the spirit of roller hockey. It features a high-impact nylon glide core for a durable and stable roller puck, as well as seven high-impact nylon glides to reduce friction and make it easy to handle. It’s also suitable for outdoor play and is available in a variety of colors.

2. IDS Roller Hockey Puck

IDS Roller Hockey Puck

Pack of excellent roller pucks that have a sturdy feel and can be purchased in several colors. They also come with a replacement pin kit for smoother outdoor play. The Proshot’s durable pins are extremely resistant to UV rays and high impacts. It also weighs 3.4 ounces. These have the features to meet the demands of the most experienced players and have the best customer service available.

3. TronX S10 Inline Hockey Puck

TronX S10 Roller Puck

These roller hockey pucks are made for skating on a non-ice surface. Constructed with two discs and six pegs for gliding and minimal roll. They come with an Anti-Roll Edge that prevents them from rolling over. This makes them great for practicing skating and shooting skills. The low-friction runner and cut drag gives the puck excellent rebound properties. They are available in many beautiful colors and can be used for on-ice or off-ice skating.

4. Franklin Sports X3 Roller Hockey Puck

Franklin Sports X3 NHL Inline Puck

Super durable plastic material is used in this puck’s construction so very composite and suitable for indoor or outdoor play. Its knurled perimeter reinforcement allows it to stay moving on rough surfaces without slipping. In addition, the puck is lightweight at six pounds, making it easy to store and transport. These are also delivered quickly. But what makes them the best choice for roller hockey? And at just $11, they are a steal.

5. Pro Guard NHL Roller Puck

Pro Guard NHL Roller Hockey Puck

The best roller hockey pucks for beginners are made of vulcanized rubber and are made to last. They have great wear and temperature resistance and are perfect for rebounding. The vulcanized rubber is indestructible and won’t flip over during a game. The Pro-Guard is a great choice if your driveway has been cracked. It’s not cheap but will last for years.

6. Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck

Green Biscuit Roller Puck

This is made of slightly softer plastic than the other Green Biscuit pucks, allowing players to shoot the puck on the net quite easily. Because this roller hockey puck has a two-piece construction, it absorbs vibrations and slides smoothly over a rough surface. The feel and sound of the ice are virtually identical to the green Biscuit puck.

7. PETIT MANON Roller Hockey Puck

PETIT MANON Roller Hockey Puck

Lastly, we have the Petit Manon roller hockey puck is being lightweight yet durable and is a great value gear. Crafted from a combination of premium Nylon and PVC materials for ultimate durability and long-lasting performance on tough surfaces. Come in a set of 2 pieces.


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