Here we are gonna do a walk-through of the new Bauer Nexus 3N hockey stick so starting off with shaft dimensions, it has round corners straight sidewalls essentially a hybrid between the Vapor as well as the Supreme so very comfortable in the hands and offers some great control.

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Bauer Nexus 3N Stick Review


For the construction and materials, this utilizes their high-performance molding process so technically it’s a two-piece but an advanced way of co-molding the shaft and the blade together to give you that one-piece benefit without the additional cost.

This is the same thing that can be said with the uni-directional carbon fiber that we see throughout the shaft a high-performance material doesn’t have that cool checkered look but it’s still going to be there to perform as well as offer some good durability.

Kick Point

On to the back in the kick point, this is where we see some ADV inspire technology in the ER spine. This is a five-sided shaft construction that does a kind of taper starting from the top handle. Into the blade, it gets a little more aggressive and this does a handful of really key things for you as a player.

First and foremost, it does a great job of reducing weight because it requires fewer materials meanwhile that spine strategically placed on the back to help maintain that same level of stiffness that you need for that hybrid kick point but also maintaining that high-level strength.


Now as far as playability goes though, this is going to offer a slightly quicker release than what we’ve seen in Nexus hockey sticks in years past. It’s going to be easier to load and another really cool thing that you’ll notice the first time you pick it up, it’s a little comfier in the hands because it is ergonomic with that spine on the back that fits right into the natural shape of the hand. So really cool to see them bringing that ADV technology and making this 3N stick probably the best performing ice hockey stick at this price point as well.


Into the blade, we have their max balance inner core with aero foam a really nice design because we have a stringer or a support bridge that runs from the heel all the way through the toe and that’s surrounded by the aero foam so it has a really nice balance of pop as well as damp and feel. Again in between vapor and supreme that are kind of at the extremities there so it’s going to give you great responsiveness but also makes it really nice and easy to catch passes.

Meanwhile, we do have a 15k carbon fiber also a tactile surface on the front as well as the back. That 15k is a very high-performance fiber really like how they use it down in the bottom portion because this helps to remove weight from the bottom of the stick pushing that balance point up so it makes it feel even lighter than it actually is.

Conclusion: Bauer Nexus 3N hockey stick

The Bauer Nexus 3N hockey stick weighs about 435 grams at this 85 flex senior adult version. Incredible value stick considering this costs about half as much as the Nexus GEO or most of the other top-of-line stick. It has a great balance point in the hands and high-quality materials from top to bottom so absolutely stellar job done by the Bauer crew on this nexus 3.

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